‘You’re a dead SOB’: Pistol-packing great grandmother tells alleged naked burglar

‘You’re a dead SOB’: Pistol-packing great grandmother tells alleged naked burglar

An alleged naked burglar met his match earlier this month when he tried to invade the home of a 79-year-old pistol-packing great-grandmother in Georgia.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says Gwendolyn Agard called 911 on Feb. 12 when she heard someone attempt to get in her window. Agard went downstairs and found a man that “didn’t have no pants on” standing near the back door.

“I said, ‘motherf*****, if you come any further, you’re a dead son of a b****’,” she told WXIA.

When that didn’t work, Agard grabbed her .38 calibre revolver to protect herself and a blind client she was caring for.

“OK, come on! I got something for you,” the woman shouted as the emergency operator tried to interject.

Agard fired two shots at the suspect when he nearly made it in the home with a rubber mallet.

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The man then made his way up the exterior and into the second level of the home forcing Agard to grab a bigger gun — her .45 calibre revolver.

“When you come down those stairs, I’m gonna blow your damn brains out,” she exclaimed before she fired a warning shot.

Hans E. Rogers, 20, was arrested without incident and charged with home invasion and burglary. Agard says he was found hiding in a closet and wearing her granddaughter’s pants.

Police released nearly 10 minutes of the 911 conversation where Agard seemed a far cry from the brave warrior she played on that day.

“I’m just scared. Please hurry. Please hurry,” she pleads in whispers. “Please, please dear God. Lord have mercy.”

But those rational fears were repeatedly interrupted by thoughts of her family.

“I thought, ‘I couldn’t die without my children.’ And, I just got this burst of energy,” she told NBC.

Rogers is currently in the Jackson County Jail without bond.

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