You could be paid £9,000 to move to picturesque country with stunning nature – all you need is a good business idea | The Sun

You could be paid £9,000 to move to picturesque country with stunning nature – all you need is a good business idea | The Sun

YOU could get a whole new life in a picturesque country with stunning nature – and it's all just one good business idea away.

Moving abroad is no easy feat, but a start up programme in Chile will make it easy as they can pay you £9,000 to move there.

From the Atacama Desert and thriving Santiago to the towering mountains in Patagonia, Chile is famous for its breathtaking landscapes.

While its economy was historically focused on mining, the South American country has also made active investments in becoming an innovative tech hub.

Start-Up Chile, an accelerator programme based in Santiago, is one of the many companies wanting to attract creative tech talents to the country.

Since 2016, the organisation has offered grants for three programmes titled Build, Ignite, and Growth.

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Build is a four-month programme designed to help startup entrepreneurs launch their business.

You will receive £14,000 and access to a co-working space along with a one-year resident visa.

Also a four-month programme, Ignite is aimed at small startups already off the ground, but that need help expanding.

The programme allocates approximately £30,000 equity-free, along with an additional £30,000 extension.

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Lastly, the Growth programme targets advanced or larger groups, allocating £80,000 in funding to help innovate and build a better community.

"In a decade, Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs have generated sales of more than two billion dollars around the world, managing to conquer markets as competitive as the US," a statement on Start-Up Chile's website reads.

"We see technological ventures as the engine behind changes that challenge the known and as a defining source of markets and economies."

To apply, candidates have to fill out a form with details about your startup idea or business.

It’s similar to other startup accelerator application programmes and can be done entirely in English.

Applicants that pass the first stage will be invited to an interview.

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