Wynonna Judd 'plans to contest her mother's $25M will'

Wynonna Judd 'plans to contest her mother's $25M will'

Wynonna Judd ‘plans to contest her mother’s $25M will’ after she and sister Ashley were left out: Family friend claims she ‘blew through every dollar she made with The Judds’ and even ‘checked into rehab for money disorder in 2004’

  • Naomi Judd, 76, left her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley, out of her will 
  • She appointed her husband, Larry Strickland, as executor of her estate 
  • He has ‘full authority and discretion’ over her assets ‘without court approval’
  • Wynonna, who performed with Judd in a country duo, was reportedly ‘banking’ on getting a ‘piece of the pie’ from her mothers success 
  • Naomi Judd shot herself dead in her April after a longtime battle with mental illness

Country star Wynonna Judd is planning to formally contests her late mother’s will which left her $25million fortune to her husband.

Naomi Judd, who was a long-time singing partner of Wynonna, as The Judds, left her two daughters out of her will in a baffling move.

Both Wynonna, 58, and Ashley did not feature in the will, and did not get any part of her estate, with the Nashville superstar leaving everything to her widower Larry Strickland.

The couple had been married for 33 years, with Naomi making Strickland the executor of her estate in a move that was said to ‘baffle’ Wynonna.

The Grammy award-winning country star’s decision has reportedly sparked another bitter battle between Ashley and Wynonna.

Ashley, 54, is reportedly siding with her late mother and Larry, after Wynona believes that they ‘conspired’ against her, according to Radar.

One source said that ‘Wynonna was banking on getting a piece of the pie’ after her mother’s death. 

A family friend claimed that Ashley believed her mother ‘knew what she was doing’ by not giving her sister a lump sum.

Wynonna Judd, right, is reportedly considering formally contesting her mother Naomi’s will after she and her sister Ashley, left, were both cut out 

Wynonna and Naomi duo were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame one day after Judd’s death was announced

Larry Strickland (left) will have ‘full authority and discretion’ over Naomi Judd’s (right) assets ‘without the approval of any court’

Wynonna (left) and Ashley Judd (right) are pictured at the County Music Hall of Fame. They are looking at the plaque honoring The Judds and their late mother, Naomi Judd

They added: ‘Wynonna has had money problems throughout her adult life.

‘She’s blown through every dollar she made with The Judds. She even checked into a treatment facility in 2004 for a “money disorder”!’

Wynonna is rumored to be ‘upset’ by the decision because of her singing partnership with Naomi as The Judds.

She ‘believes she was a major force behind her mother’s success’.

The sister’s have had a very public falling out since 2012 when Wynonna did not invite Naomi or Ashley to her wedding to country music legend Cactus Moser.

Ashley claimed in an explosive court filing in 2013 that her sister had a tracking device planted on her sister’s car.

Naomi Judd shot herself dead in an upstairs room of her Tennessee farmhouse on April 30 after a longtime battle with her mental health.

She prepared her will in November 2017, nearly five years before she died, and was of ‘sound mind and disposing memory’ when she approved the document.

Judd’s will states Strickland is entitled to ‘reasonable compensation’ for his services as executor, according to the document which was reviewed by Page Six.

He can also be paid or reimbursed for ‘reasonable expenses, advances and disbursements, including attorney’s and accountant’s fees, made or incurred in the administration of my estate.’

The document also states that if Strickland could not be executor of the estate due to death or any other reason, Judd’s brother-in-law, Reginald Strickland, and the president of Tennessee law firm Wiatr & Associates would serve as co-executors.

The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame one day after Judd’s death was announced.

A source close to Wynonna (right) alleged the singer is angry she was excluded from Naomi Judd’s (left) will and  thought she was entitled to ‘a piece of the pie’  

Naomi Judd referred to the property as her ‘haven’ and ‘sanctuary,’ noting that she ‘called it Peaceful Valley the moment I laid eyes on it’. Judd shot herself dead in an upstairs room of her Tennessee farmhouse on April 30 after a longtime battle with her mental health

Wynonna, Ashley and Naomi Judd are pictured together at an Academy Awards show

Her daughters, actress Ashley and singer Wynonna, had houses on her property in Tenessee. Naomi Judd is pictured hugging Wynonna outside of her daughter’s home during in 2016

The sisters have not given any indication of tensions with their mother, having praised her after her death and publicly discussed their struggles during the grieving process.

Both girls also had homes on Judd’s 1,000-acre farm in the greater Nashville-area, which she had owned for nearly three decades. It is unclear if Wynonna and Ashley’s properties are considered part of Judd’s estate.

In June, Wynonna delivered a surprise performance at CMA Fest 2022 in Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.

She appeared onstage during Carly Pearce’s set and they delighted the crowd by regaling them with a soul-stirring duet.

Their song of choice was Why Not Me, a number that Wynonna introduced in the 1980s with her mother.

The country singer earned an uproarious applause break when she let out her trademark growl and belted out the title line at the end of the song on June 10.

Wynonna and her mother, known as The Judds, shot to fame together as a country duo, achieving icon status in the music industry over the decades.

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