Woke LA DA will not charge Dave Chappelle's attacker with a felony

Woke LA DA will not charge Dave Chappelle's attacker with a felony

BREAKING NEWS: Woke Los Angeles DA will not pursue felony charges against Dave Chappelle’s attacker despite him carrying

  • LA County DA George Gascon is not pursuing felony charges against Isaiah Lee, the 23-year-old who tried to attack Dave Chappelle on Wednesday 
  • Lee stormed the stage at the Netflix is a Joke event armed with a knife 
  • His motive remains unclear – he somehow smuggled his weapon in past security
  • Initially, police held him on a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon 
  • His bail was set at $30,000 and he was being held in custody
  • It’s now likely that he may walk free if Gascon opts for a low-or-no-cash bail 

LA’s woke DA George Gascon will not pursue felony charges against the attacker who stormed Dave Chappelle’s Hollywood Bowl concert with a bayonet, reducing the charges to misdemeanor instead. 

Isaiah Lee, 23, ran on stage at the show on Wednesday yielding the knife that was hidden inside a gun.  Chappelle, 48, was able to sidestep him and was unharmed. The attacker was then arrested at the scene, and taken to hospital with a broken arm. 

There were immediate questions over security at the event and how the man could have smuggled in the weapon. 

But Gascon’s office – which is famously in favor of low-or-no-cash-bonds – is not pursuing the most serious line of punishment. 

Instead, they have referred the case to the LA City Attorney Mike Feuer,  recommending a misdemeanor charge because ‘the evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct,’ according to ABC.

It means Lee, who is currently being held on a $30,000 bond for felony assault with a deadly weapon, may soon walk free. It’s unclear when he is next due in court. 

Isaiah Lee, 23, ran on stage at the show on Wednesday yielding the knife that was hidden inside a gun

This is the weapon used by Isaiah Lee to try and attack Chappelle on stage on Wednesday 

Gascon is so famously soft on crime that convicted murderers have heralded him as a hero. 

Luis Angel Hernandez, who is currently serving time for shooting and killing a delivery person for a marijuana delivery service during an armed robbery in 2018, had faced sentencing enhancements which would have added to his prison sentence.

LA County DA George Gascon is famous for his low-or-no cash bonds

But when Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon took office in 2020, he implemented a directive barring prosecutors from applying these enhancements in nearly all cases, no matter the circumstances – and all of the sentencing enhancements lobbied against Hernandez were dropped.

In a leaked phone call from prison exclusively obtained by FOX News, Hernandez praised Gascon for the change, saying: ‘I’m going to get that n*****’s name on my face. That’s a champ right there.

‘F****** Gascon,’ Hernandez could be heard saying in the audio, which was featured in a Tucker Carlson series about the rising crime in the City of Angels. ‘That’s the n***** right there, bro. He’s making historic changes for all of us, bro.’

In another case,  a transgender woman convicted of sexually assaulting a child in a Denny’s was caught on audio gloating about her soft punishment.  

Hannah Tubbs, who was born James Tubbs, was a minor at the time, and under Gascon’s policy of never transferring minors to adult court, Tubbs received a two-year sentence – and was placed in a juvenile facility for women. 

And in another leaked video obtained by FOX, convicted murderer Phillip Dorsett was seen drinking prison moonshine and toasting the woke district attorney.

Luis Angel Hernandez, who is currently serving time for shooting and killing a delivery person for a marijuana delivery in 2018, said he was going to tattoo Gascon’s name on his face after he dodged a harsher sentence thanks to the reforms

‘Right here with my cellie. Some white lightning, a little cup, boom. Celebrating us going home on this Gascon directive. Whoop.’

Gascon, a 67-year-old former assistant chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, took over as district attorney in the heavily Democrat city in December 2020 and immediately embarked on a progressive justice reform agenda.

He has been vocal about his belief that the criminal justice system needs to focus more on intervention and rehabilitation, blasting ‘tough on crime’ policies as racist and a failure.

And following his first 100 days in office, he touted the changes he has made to the city’s justice system – including limiting the use of sentencing enhancements like the ones lobbied against Hernandez.

The California penal code has more than 100 enhancements that could add time to a convict’s sentence depending on the situation, most of which date back to when California was facing soaring crime in the 1980s and 1990s.

Another convict, Hannah Tubbs, formerly known as James, 26, (pictured in 2014) was sentenced to two years in a juvenile facility for assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a Denny’s bathroom in 2014 

Crime is skyrocketing in LA, along with many other cities in the US 

But under Gascon’s reign, the use of those enhancements have been greatly reduced, with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office 5,138 enhancements during his first three months – a 71 percent drop when compared to the same time the year before, when former District Attorney Jackie Lacey was in power, according to LAist.

Under Lacey, prosecutors filed 715 gun enhancements between December 2019 and February 2020 under the state’s ’10-20-Life’ law, which adds 10 years to a sentence if you use a gun during the commission of a robbery or any other crime.

The law also adds 20 years if the suspect discharges the gun, and 25 years if they wound someone in the process.

In Gascon’s first three months in office, however, prosecutors filed only 106 gun enhancements – an 85 percent decrease.  

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