Will schools open in the summer holidays 2021?

Will schools open in the summer holidays 2021?

WE are just two months into the new year, but for school children the start of 2021 has already been a disruptive one.

But with hopes that summer may be a little easier for the country after months of lockdown, will children still have their school holidays?

Will schools open in the summer holidays 2021?

It has been reported that Boris Johnson could keep schools open for a further two weeks in the summer term to help kids catch up.

The Prime Minister is said to be mulling a plan that would see schools have windows open in the warmer weather to reduce Covid risk.

The missed holiday time would then be added on to the autumn and winter breaks.

The move comes after MPs personally lobbied him to consider after-school classes run by volunteers.

The Prime Minister has announced schools cannot reopen before March 8, but 18 Conservative MPs have backed UsforThem – a campaign calling for schools to reopen on February 22.

The Conservative chairman of the Education Select Committee told The Sunday Times, a change to the school year is under consideration by ministers.

“We have to reform the school year,” he told the paper

When are England's school summer holidays 2021?

English schools are currently due to finish for the summer holidays on July 23.

They last for six weeks, to give children and their teachers a well deserved break, but this year has been anything but normal.

A two-week extension would push their closing back to early August.

Schools have been closed, except for the children of keyworkers, since early January.

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