Who was Jessica Starr and what was the Fox 2 meteorologist's cause of death?

Who was Jessica Starr and what was the Fox 2 meteorologist's cause of death?

But who was the meteorologist and how did she die? This is what we know.

Who was Jessica Starr?

Jessica Starr was an American meteorologist at Fox 2 Detroit, a local Fox news channel.

She was 35 years old when she died reportedly by suicide.

It was announced to her colleagues on Thursday morning who dedicated a segment of the morning show to her.

Jessica was originally from Southfield, Michigan, and had two children and a husband.

She was said to be obsessed with weather and studied meteorology at Michigan State University and broadcast meteorology at Mississippi State University.

After a string of weather and news broadcasting roles she returned to home state Michigan in 2010 to be the full-time meteorologist at Fox 2 Detroit.

She also showcased local businesses and products on the streets of Detroit during a segment called Made in Michigan.

How did she die?

Jessica Starr reportedly died by suicide on Wednesday night.

She had been struggling since having eye surgery in October.

Her last social media activity was a month ago when she tweeted "yesterday was a struggle for me.

"I really wanted to come back but I need more time to recover.

"Please keep me in your thoughts during this challenging time."

Fox 2 Detroit, who confirmed the news of her suicide, did not provide more details about her death.

Before the birth of a child in 2015, Starr addressed viewers about a hurtful letter she received from someone shaming her over her baby weight, saying it "crossed the line".

Did she have a family?

Jessica left behind a husband and two children.

She was said to be a very family orientated person and loved spending time with her children.

What was her eye surgery?

Prior to her death, Starr spoke out publicly about her recovery from Lasik surgery, which she had done in October.

She was out of work for several weeks and struggled with dry eye following the procedure, reported the Detroit Free Press.

The small incision laser eye surgery (SMILE) is used to treat myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

According to an online support group, Jessica is one of 11 people who have died by suicide after suffering complications from Lasik surgery.

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