Who is Diane Downs' ex-husband Steve?

Who is Diane Downs' ex-husband Steve?

STEVE Downs is the ex-husband of 'mommy murderess' Diane Downs.

But who is he and where is he now? Here is everything we know.

Who is Diane Downs' ex-husband Steve?

Steve Downs attended Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona during the 70s where he met Diane Downs.

According to The Cinemaholic the pair had a brief high-school romance before they graduated and were forced to go their seperate ways.

Steve went on to join the Navy while Downs attended the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College.

But after a year Downs was asked to leave the strict religous school due to "promiscuity" and the pair reconnected in Arizona.

They married in 1973, before divorcing in 1980.

During the time they were together Diane gave birth to three children, Stephen "Danny" Daniel (born 1979), Cheryl Lynn (born 1976) and Christie Ann (born 1974).

In 1983 Downs shot all three children, killing Cheryl and paralysing Danny.

Christie testified against her mother during the trial, and Downs is currently serving a life sentence for her crimes.

Why did Steve and Diane get divorced?

Steve divorced Diane after she became pregnant with Stephen "Danny" Daniel.

Danny was the product of an affair Downs had been having with a colleague.

Steve knew Danny was not his biological child and left Downs.

Their marriage was described as tumultuous, with Downs allegedly disappearing for long periods of time with her children.

She also told media she became pregnant without Steve's "permission".

Where is Steve now?

Steve has never appeared publicly following his wife's crimes.

Authorities decided Steve was not a good fit to look after Danny and Christie after what they had been through, with both suffering life-changing physical and mental trauma.

The kids were adopted by a state prosecutor and are living full and happy lives.

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