Which countries have had a second lockdown as Israel imposes new restrictions?

Which countries have had a second lockdown as Israel imposes new restrictions?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced late last night that Israel is going into a second national lockdown following soaring infection and death rates from coronavirus.

The lockdown will last for three weeks and will come into effect at 2pm on Friday September 18 – coinciding with the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana.

During the three-week period, all restaurants, shops and recreational facilities will be closed.

Schools will also close and the public will not be allowed more than 500 metres from their homes.

‘I know these steps are a heavy price for us all,’ Mr Netanyahu said.

‘These are not the holidays we are used to. We certainly won’t be able to celebrate with our extended families… If we keep the rules, and I am confident in this, we will defeat the virus. I see the vaccine on the way, and I see the fast testing that is on the way.’

Have any other countries gone into a second lockdown?

Which countries have gone into a second lockdown?

None. Israel is the first country to impose a nationwide lockdown for a second time, although many other countries have reintroduced restrictions and lockdown rules for individualised cities and locales.

Other countries, including England, have imposed local lockdowns, but nothing on a national scale.

Leicester was the first city to go into local lockdown in England, and subsequent cities to have followed suit include Bolton, Trafford Blackburn and Luton.

The Segrià region in Catalonia, Spain re-entered a partial lockdown on July 4, and Melbourne, Australia also went back into a six-week lockdown in July.

The Chinese capital Beijing was also placed under a second lockdown back in June, with restrictions lifting again at the start of July.

Israel is under a national lockdown as the figures reached worryingly high levels, especially for the comparatively smaller population size.

Israel, correct at the time of publishing and using data from Worldometers, has 40,569 active Covid-19 cases.

This figure is far lower than the United States’ reported over 2.5 million active cases, but in terms of population size, Israel has a population of approximately 9,197,590 whereas the United States has a population well over 330 million.

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