What to Cook Right Now

What to Cook Right Now

Good morning. It was a weekend of pizza — fermenting dough for plain pies and dough for pan pies and all the while planning out two specific fantasy pizzas to make with the results: a kind of New York take on a thin-crust St. Louis pie, covered in Provel cheese and cut into small squares; and a modified Detroit pie cooked in a deep baking tin, with that Provel scattered to the edges, a stripe of vodka sauce down the middle and a whole lot of pepperoni on top of everything, to cup up in the heat. Should there be some pickled jalapeño in there amid the ’roni cups? Maybe!

I’m not just thinking about pizza, though, all the time. (Just most of the time.) I also want to make Alison Roman’s new recipe for a quick lamb ragù (above) real soon. That is easy weeknight elegance, and very grown-up.

So as it happens is Melissa Clark’s new recipe for salmon with fennel and lime. It’s the sort of dish that a production designer might have put on the dining room set of a Nora Ephron rom-com, in a beautiful house, with a kitchen full of cabinets and built-ins, the kind of dinner best served in candlelight.

And then, later this week, I want to make David Tanis’s new recipe for Moroccan chicken pie, maybe for the weekend, a few days after the pizzas, to show that I’m not just That Guy With the Pizzas.

Other recipes you might make tonight or real soon: pasta with brown butter and Parmesan. Cauliflower adobo. Classic deviled eggs. Pasta with tuna and olives.

Thousands more await your attentions, on NYT Cooking. You do need a subscription to access them, but I think that’s fair value. They’re great recipes, and they emerge from great reporting. Plus you can save them and print them and share them and organize them, however you like. Visit us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too, for inspiration and conversation. And if anything goes wrong along the way, either with your cooking or NYT Cooking itself, just write for help: [email protected]

Now, it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with cake stands or can openers, but today is Molly Ringwald’s birthday. Check out her American standards. And then send her best wishes.

I’m a little late to it, but you should take a look at this nice little riff that aired on the “PBS NewsHour” the other night, from the poet Erica Dawson.

When it comes to advice, Jazmine Hughes is such a straight shooter.

Finally, do you sometimes think to yourself, cooking at home, that you’re basically a short-order cook? Don’t fight it. Get a flattop griddle for your stovetop and embrace the lifestyle: diner burgers; quesadillas; hash and eggs; lots and lots of pancakes. It was a game-changer, for me. Have a good week. Cook something great. And I’ll see you on Wednesday.

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