What is a suspended prison sentence? – The Sun

What is a suspended prison sentence? – The Sun

MAN Utd's Harry Maguire has been handed a 21-month and ten day suspended sentence after being found guilty of aggravated assault and bribery in Mykonos.

Here we look at what that means and what the conditions are behind it.

What is a suspended prison sentence?

A suspended sentence means the offender does not have to serve their time in prison.

They are allowed to live and work as normal as long as they stay out of trouble.

They have to comply with 12 court requirements which could include doing unpaid work, being subject to a curfew or going to rehab.

Around five per cent of all convictions last year resulted in suspended sentences, according to the Ministry of Justice.

What happens if you break the conditions of your suspended sentence?

If the offender does not comply with the requirements or commits another crime, they would have to serve time in prison.

Suspended sentences only apply to those who have been sent down for between 14 days and two years.

If the offender does not break the law in this period, the judge usually dismisses the sentence.

They may also have to pay a fine.

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