What happened to Libby Squire, when did she go missing and what university did she go to?

What happened to Libby Squire, when did she go missing and what university did she go to?

HULL student Libby Squire vanished in January 2019 after a night out with friends.

The Sun has offered a reward for information. Here's the latest.

When did Libby Squire go missing?

Libby Squire, 21, was last seen taking a cab from a nightclub in Hull on Thursdaym January 31.

The huge search for Libby was scaled down on February 16 but continues as detectives examine new clues.

Detective Superintendent Martin Smalley, said: "More work is now taking place behind the scenes rather than in public view, however this does not mean the investigation is slowing or coming to an end, it is exactly the opposite and is very much active and ongoing."

Wellwishers have raised £11,000 so Libby's family can stay in Hull close to the search as it entered its 2oth day.

More than 70 cops were searching for the University of Hull philosophy student.

She was reportedly "falling over drunk" as she disappeared, according to two of the last people to see her.

Libby was uneasy on her feet, "mumbling incomprehensibly" and fell over two or three times, the witnesses said.

A woman living close to where Libby went missing claims she heard " blood-curdling screams" at 12.30am on February 1.

She said they were so terrifying she sat up in bed and said: "Oh my God."

Police found lip gloss, a screwdriver and a hammer in a hedge close to where she was last seen but it was not known if they are connected to the case.

On February 4, officers were seen swabbing a front door on the street where Libby lived.

Investigators – who had been at the property for over an hour – also used ultra-violet light and torches on the front door.

Friends and pals said cops found a phone in the Hull University student's bedroom.

What's the latest news on Libby Squire?

The Sun is offering a £10,000 reward for information to help locate Libby.

On March 20, cops recovered a body in the Humber Estuary, but said it was too early to identify who it is and their gender.

In a statement police said they had recovered the body from the Humber Estuary near Grimsby Docks.

A spokesman added: "At this stage it is too early for any identification or confirmation of gender to be made.

"Further information will be released as soon as we are in a position that we are able to do so."

On February 19 police released CCTV of four mystery "witnesses" who might hold crucial information.

On February 14, police released images of clothes the same as those Libby was wearing the night she vanished.

They fear that she may have been harmed.

Butcher Pawel Relowicz, 24, was arrested on February 7 half a mile from where Libby went missing and quizzed on suspicion of abducting Libby .


His sister claims he is innocent and only offered the student a ride home.

Paulina Szymanska told The Telegraph: "I don't believe my brother could do it. We were raised to be good people.

“He was driving and he stopped because he noticed a girl crying.

"She asked him to take her home, so he put her address into his sat nav and wanted to do just that.

“Apparently she threw herself at him, but he pushed her away because he is a married man."

Relowicz appeared in court on Monday charged with voyeurism, outraging public decency and three counts of burglary unrelated to Libby.

He remains under investigation over Libby's disappearance.

On February 21, 2019, Libby’s parents spoke of their "unending torture" three weeks on from her disappearance – but say they still have "unending hope" she will be found.

Their comments came on the same week cops issued CCTV of four people they want to track down as part of the probe.

What happened on the night Libby went missing?

Libby was reported missing after leaving the Welly club in Hull around 11pm on Thursday January 31 and getting into a taxi.

The student did not actually enter the club as she was "turned away by door staff who thought she was too drunk".

It's claimed Libby got out of the taxi outside her house in Wellesley Avenue.

She was later seen on CCTV walking to a bench on Beverley Road, close to the junction with Haworth Street at around 11.45pm.

Humberside Police have been searching drains and manholes near where she was last seen.

The Sun is offering a £10,000 reward for information that helps locate Libby.


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