Wetherspoon chef who was sacked for sharing behind-the-scenes videos threatens to release MORE of the pub's recipes

Wetherspoon chef who was sacked for sharing behind-the-scenes videos threatens to release MORE of the pub's recipes

A WETHERSPOON chef who was sacked for revealing the truth behind the pub's grub has threatened to release MORE recipes from the menu.

J Salsa was fired from his kitchen job after his behind-the-scenes videos on how to make JD Wetherspoon's food went viral on TikTok.

However, despite being sacked, the 19-year-old doesn't seem to be slowing down with his controversial videos.

He posted the threatening video on TikTok, with the caption: "Me with half of the Wetherspoons menu still in my camera roll," while miming to the audio, "I'm sitting on a bad-boy piece of information."

J Salsa captioned the intimidating clip: "Might just f*** around and release the drafts."

The comments section was flooded with some of his 87,000 followers encouraging him to release more clips exposing the Wetherspoons grub.

One viewer said: "Don't be shy, release more recipes then."

Another chimed in: "Well, they can't fire you twice."

A third, making a reference to his previous insider videos, said: "Drop em like they're hot (well, microwaved.)"

His viewers were also quick to comment items on the menu that they want exposing – including Wetherspoons' pizza, eggs benedict and lasagna.

In one of his most shocking clips, J Salsa showed his viewers how the pub chain make their curries.


He showed himself reheating a plastic packet of rice and cooking a naan on the grill, while joking that he doesn't get "paid enough."

His videos have received more than one million likes on TikTok – with hundreds of comments from customers shocked that their meals come pre-made.

J Salsa also showed his followers how he makes a classic Wetherspoons breakfast – with many customers surprised that most of the ingredients are prepared fresh.

The former employee made a video updating his fans on the outcome of his disciplinary hearing earlier this week.

After meeting with bosses, the 19-year-old found out he lost his job.

He said: "I've just come back from my disciplinary hearing.

"To my expectations, I've been fired…I've been withdrawn from JD Wetherspoons.

"I'm not surprised at all, because at the end of the day, I did break company policy."

J Salsa ended the video thanking his followers for all the love and support, after the "mad" few weeks in which his videos went viral.

Speaking about the meals he used to prepare, he told The Sun Online: “The meals are usually defrosted a couple days before – every night we take them out and defrost them out overnight.

“Then we microwave them when they are needed.

“People were shocked over the videos but I thought it was obvious.

“The curries are microwaved – I thought that was obvious. How do you get a curry in five minutes for five pounds?

“They’re quite nice even if they are microwaved.”

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