Video of transport trucks driving recklessly on Hwy. 401 goes viral

Video of transport trucks driving recklessly on Hwy. 401 goes viral

A cellphone video captured on Nov. 30 in which two transport trucks appear to be driving recklessly on Highway 401 near Gananoque, Ont., has attracted more than 250,000 views and nearly 37,000 shares on Facebook.

In the video, a Kriska Transportation truck attempts to overtake another transport truck that repeatedly speeds up before cutting off the Kriska truck.

Kriska Transportation operations manager Steve Murphy says the Kriska driver was trying to avoid the other vehicle and get out of the way.

“This incident will be used in future training seminars,” said Murphy.

The Leeds Grenville OPP told Global News that they are encouraging the public to call law enforcement when they see these types of dangerous driving situations rather than record the incident and put it online.

“This is a 911 call instead of taking the time and posting it to Facebook and trying to see how many views you can get,” said Const. Sandra Barr of the Leeds Grenville OPP. “Call us. Let us look after it; we need this behaviour to stop.”

While reviewing the video with Global News, the OPP said this incident could have ended in tragedy.

     “There is no consideration for not only themselves (but) for the other transport driver or the other operators on the highway,” said Barr.

Although these incidents are rare, Kriska’s superb track record speaks for itself, said Murphy.

“We take safety as paramount in our day-to-day business, and we’re proud of our impeccable CVOR score of 11 per cent; that is a leader in the industry,” said Murphy.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) score is an evaluation of the operator’s on-road performance based on three safety indicators: collision, convictions and roadside inspection.

If the other driver involved in the incident is found, the OPP said that person could face charges of negligence and dangerous driving.

The company that owns the other transport truck shown in the video has yet to be identified.

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