Veteran Prince Harry offered olive branch by Charles with touching uniform request for Queen's vigil | The Sun

Veteran Prince Harry offered olive branch by Charles with touching uniform request for Queen's vigil | The Sun

PRINCE Harry was offered an olive branch by King Charles after being given permission to wear his uniform at a poignant vigil at the Queen's coffin.

The Duke of Sussex will join Her Majesty's seven other grandchildren at the catafalque in Westminster Hall tomorrow night.

Harry will be at the foot of the coffin while Prince William takes the lead – with both brothers in military uniform at King Charles' request.

He will be flanked by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, while William will have Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips either side.

It comes as…

  • The list of 500 heads of state and dignitaries attending the Queen's funeral has been confirmed
  • Sophie Wessex is reportedly set to take on a number of the Queen's old roles
  • Queen Consort Camilla has been soldiering on with her duties despite breaking a toe two weeks ago
  • Mourners are facing more than an 11-hour wait to file past the Queen's coffin
  • A minute-by-minute guide on the Queen's funeral details has been released

Lady Louise and Viscount Severn will stand at the middle of the coffin during the powerful 15 minute vigil.

The rest of the royal grandchildren will be wearing morning coats and dark formal dress with decorations, the Palace said.

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Princess Kate and Meghan Markle will not feature in the sombre occasion as spouses are not attending.

It is understood the eight grandchildren were keen to pay their respects – as their parents are doing tonight in their own vigil.

There was speculation Harry, who served two tours of Afghanistan, would be blocked from wearing a military uniform as he is no longer a senior royal.

But The Sun confirmed he has been granted special permission for the period of reflection.

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Harry WILL be allowed to wear military uniform at Queen’s vigil


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The ruling was not a U-turn but a “one-off” decision by the King as a mark of respect for the late monarch.

An insider said: “The King invited the Queen’s grand- children to mount a vigil and Harry can wear his uniform.”

Sources have also claimed the choice had nothing to do with Harry, who was reportedly happy to wear whatever what was asked of him.

Royal expert Adam Helliker told The Sun Online he believes the decision was a "personal" one from Charles rather than the King caving to pressure.

He said: "It is very much up to Charles who is now in charge of everything and Harry is his son.

"I think he would have said to Harry, if you want to use your uniform, go ahead.

"I think it's a personal and a family decision, and a good one as Harry, whatever he's done and ill-judged comments he's made, he did nothing wrong when he was in the Army. 

"As a past serving member, he should be able to use his uniform.

"I think Charles would've been the one to make the final decision and say 'yes, my son was in the Army and you can't deny that fact'."

The King, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward will stand guard over Her Majesty tonight in a tradition known as Vigil of the Princes.

It comes as thousands continue to queue for hours today to file past the Queen’s coffin.

Entry to the line has now been paused for at least six hours after Southwark Park reached its capacity.

Her Majesty will be laid to rest in a state funeral on Monday to mark her incredible 70 years of service.

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