Urgent warning to dog owners over common type of lead | The Sun

Urgent warning to dog owners over common type of lead | The Sun

DOG owners have been given an urgent warning over a common type of lead.

An unsuspecting woman from Truro, Cornwall, was left with horror burn wounds, which have since become infected.

Graphic photos show the nasty injuries that the woman, who asked not to be named, suffered to her legs.

She urged people to be careful when using retractable dog leads and compared the devices to "garrottes".

The unfortunate woman was walking in Cardinham Woods with a pal, when a dog ran over with its lead flapping behind it.

The thin nylon cord became tangled around her legs, leaving her with painful injuries.


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She told Cornwall Live: "We saw this dog racing along and dragging its lead behind it so it had obviously got stuck and had pulled it away from its owner.

"The next thing I knew, it ran around me and ran off, sort of circling my legs. I still don't quite know how I didn't fall over."

The poor walker added that the ordeal "really, really hurt", especially since the wounds became infected.

Doctors have prescribed antibiotics and she's on the mend, but wants pet owners to be more careful with their leads.

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Retractable leads are banned in a number of areas of the US and Canada, while some parts of Britain limit their use.

The woman added: "What I'm worried about is if it was an old person because their skin can be like paper so that could be really bad and they'd fall. If it was a child as well. It's like a garrotte, it's absolutely awful.

"The dogs can also be injured when they pull and get yanked backwards."

It comes after a vet revealed how artificial grass gardens can actually be dangerous to dogs.

Meanwhile, cops warned dog owners about how to keep children safe this summer in the wake of several reports of savage dog attacks.

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