Ukraine war news – 'Lunatic' Vladimir Putin has 'small man syndrome', Ben Wallace declares as NATO summit starts | The Sun

Ukraine war news – 'Lunatic' Vladimir Putin has 'small man syndrome', Ben Wallace declares as NATO summit starts | The Sun

RUSSIAN leader Vladimir Putin has "small man syndrome" and has a "lunatic's" view of the world, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said.

The Defence Secretary's comments came after Boris Johnson said Putin's brutal invasion of Ukraine was an example of "toxic masculinity" and a female president would not have made the same mistake.

Mr Wallace told LBC Radio: "Well I certainly think President Putin's view of himself and the world is a small man syndrome, macho view."

He added how the public "rarely hear the phrase small woman syndrome, you always hear small man syndrome".

"I think he's certainly got it in spades," he said.

"But I think the real challenge here is the Russian system's view that somehow some states are lesser than others, their rights don't count.

"If they want to paint themselves into a new history, they seem to think the way to do that is through violence and invasion.

"And I think that's something to worry about."

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  • Joseph Gamp

    The world outraged by Putin

    Putin launched a deadly attack on a shopping centre in Kremenchuk, leading world leaders to criticise his actions.

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said: “The world is horrified by Russia’s missile strike today, which hit a crowded Ukrainian shopping mall”.

    He added that the US will “continue to support Ukraine” and hold Russia to account.

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the attack had shown the cruelty and barbarism of Russia’s president.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Putin’s 56th colonel and ‘40 soldiers’ killed in first strikes on Russian targets

    Putin has lost his 56th colonel and 40 soldiers after they were hit by missiles supplied by the US.

    Paratrooper commander Col. Andrei Vasilyev, 49, was allegedly killed in the attack on Friday night.

    And reports said that a newly-supplied US medium range HIMARS missile was responsible for taking out more Kremlin targets as the war rages on.

    If confirmed, his death was one of the first from the new 43-mile-range weapons sent to Ukraine by President Joe Biden. 

    Vasilyev was reportedly in an advanced command post of the Russian army’s airborne assault troops, but the location was not specified. 

    He was commander of the 137th Guards Airborne Regiment of the 106th Guards Airborne Division, based in Ryazan.

    Married with a daughter, he had been awarded the Russian Order of Courage on other honours. 

  • Joseph Gamp

    US imposes new sanctions on Russia

    The US Treasury Department has confirmed that they have imposed new sanctions on over 100 targets and banned the import of new Russian gold.

    In total 70 entities and 29 individuals have been blacklisted, which freezes any US-held assets and prohibits them from doing business with or conducting financial transactions with US institutions.

    The Treasury Department says on its website that the US will target Russia’s state-owned defense conglomerate Rostec and multiple banks, including the Bank of Moscow.

    Also sanctioned was United Aircraft Corporation, the maker of Russia’s MiG and Sukhoi fighter jets.

    The US Treasury says this aims to “weaken Russia’s ability to continue its aerial assault on Ukraine.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    The more weapons supplied the longer the conflict

    According to Reuters Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has said the more weapons Western countries supply to Ukraine, the longer the conflict will last.

    Speaking on a trip to Turkmenistan, Sergei Lavrov, reportedly echoed earlier claims by Russia’s defence ministry regarding Monday’s fatal attack on a shopping centre.

    He reportedly said that its forces were targeting weapons near the centre, which was not in use.

  • Joseph Gamp

    ‘This is our 1937 moment’

    The new head of the British Army says we must be prepared to act rapidly to prevent the spread of war in Europe.

    General Sir Patrick Sanders, the chief of the general staff, has said: “Let me be clear: the British Army is not mobilising to provoke war, it is mobilising to prevent war.

    “We’re living through a period of history as profound as the one our forebears did 80 years ago. And now, as then, our choices will have a disproportionate effect on the future. This is our 1937 moment.”

    In his first public engagement, delivering a speech to the Royal United Services Institute think tank, Sanders says: “If we fail to deter, there are no good choices given the cost of a potential counterattack and the associated nuclear threat. We must therefore meet strength with strength from the outset and be unequivocally prepared to fight for Nato territory.”

    “This is the war that we are mobilising to prevent by preparing to win… And in doing so, it’s my hope that we never have to fight it.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Boris goes back on campaign promise to keep defence spending above inflation

    In his winning 2019 Conservative manifesto, Mr Johnson vowed to “continue to exceed the NATO target of spending 2 per cent of GDP on defence and increase the budget by at least 0.5 per cent above inflation every year of the new Parliament”.

    Johnson has now gone back on this promise.

    The government has responded to criticism of this move, by reminding Brits of the high cost of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    A government source said: “The manifesto was written before £400 billion had to be spent locking people up for their own safety because of the global pandemic.”

    They added: “There is a reality check on things that were offered in a different age which is the only reasonable thing that we can expect.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Russia vows to respond to Japanese sanctions

    Russia promised on Monday to hit Japan with countermeasures in response to Tokyo’s imposition of sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

    Japan has joined the West in hitting Russia with an unprecedented package of sanctions in the four months since Russia launched its war against Ukraine.

    Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced Tokyo’s latest moves earlier on Monday, including a ban on Russian gold imports, new asset freezes and export bans on a host of Russian individuals and companies.

    Russia’s ambassador to Japan slammed the move and blamed Tokyo for destroying relations between the two countries.

    Sanctions are “short-sighted and harm Japan itself, especially the business community,” ambassador Mikhail Galuzin said in a statement posted on the Russian embassy’s Facebook page.

    “Of course, such an increase in a hostile policy towards Russia will be taken into account by us in our future approach towards Japan and will not go unanswered,” he added.

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