Two-thirds of millennials are going vegan for Christmas but 61 percent say their parents REFUSE to go plant-based

Two-thirds of millennials are going vegan for Christmas but 61 percent say their parents REFUSE to go plant-based

MANY millennials are opting for a vegan-friendly Christmas menu – but 61 percent say their parents are refusing to go along with a plant-based meal, a survey revealed.

A poll of 1,000 millennials and 1,000 baby boomers found that a whopping 81 percent of millennials are more open to change than baby boomers – and the majority of them are going vegan this festive season.

Two-thirds of millennials said they will be remaking their traditional holidays meals with a vegan twist.

However, 61 percent of millennials said their parents simply refuse to change their ways — specifically their diets.

The results did discover that even half of baby boomers said they will have to prepare at least one plant-based version of a holiday dish this year.

Thirty-one percent of all respondents will be planning for a family member eating more plant-based.

Around 44 percent of respondents will be making plant-based versions of traditional dishes to accommodate the varying diets and palates of everyone — with millennials planning on serving up more plant-based dishes than their baby boomer counterparts.

However, 68 percent of baby boomers explained that they prefer to follow traditions, generally, while 39 percent of them like to stick close to traditions when it comes to the holidays.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Eat Just, Inc. and aimed to uncover how different generations feel about change as the holidays approach.

It found that 39 percent of people plan on having smaller celebrations while a further 34 percent are getting more involved in the meal preparation and cooking this holiday season.

Gathering a variety of different palates and diets around the same table can be challenging — especially for the 42 percent of baby boomers who said their children eat differently now, compared to when they were young.

When asked about how each generation plans to eat over the holidays, one in five baby boomers said they have absolutely zero plans to eat healthily — compared to 74 percent of millennials who plan on choosing healthy holiday dishes.


Although the holiday menu is changing, 71 percent of those surveyed said they wanted these dishes:

  • Mashed potatoes – 44 percent
  • Apple pie – 39 percent
  • Sweet potatoes – 45 percent
  • Pecan pie – 31 percent

And that is spurring concern for millennials about their parent’s health. Sixty-eight percent of millennials surveyed said their parents’ diet concerns them.

“Finding a common ground between millennials and baby boomers can be a challenge,” stated a spokesperson for Eat Just, Inc.

“This holiday season, despite the reluctance for parents to adopt healthier lifestyles, millennials will be serving up healthier versions of traditional holiday dishes — in the hopes of bringing everyone together, even if it is virtually.”

From cooking different foods than usual and adding new dishes to the holiday menu to spending the holidays solo and not celebrating with the whole family, this holiday season is going to be different.

Despite the plant-based changes, 71 percent of respondents still expect to see certain dishes on the holiday table.

From mashed potatoes (44 percent) and apple pie (39 percent) to sweet potatoes (45 percent) and pecan pie (31 percent), Americans still want some aspects of traditional holiday meals this year.

“Americans are seeking ways to enjoy their favorite, traditional holiday dishes while maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” added a spokesperson for Eat Just, Inc.

“As a result, people will be switching things up with their holiday menus by incorporating more plant-based ingredients into their dishes to accommodate a variety of diets and lifestyles.”

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