Two boxing kangaroos stage epic death match on side of Tasmanian road

Two boxing kangaroos stage epic death match on side of Tasmanian road

Roo want a piece of me? Incredible moment two boxing kangaroos are caught in an epic fight at the side of a country road

  •  The Forester kangaroos were captured beside a road in the Huon Valley
  •  Male kangaroos generally stage fights to establish dominance
  •  Kicking, punching and scratching were used in the no-holds-barred fight
  •  A winner is only declared once one ‘roo backs down and retreats

A Tasmanian woman has captured the moment two kangaroos boxed on by the side of the road in a brutal exhibition. 

Judith Branson captured the fight at Lucaston in the Huon Valley, south-west of Hobart. She stopped her car to film the feisty marsupials as they staged a battle worthy of a pay-per-view special.

Fights between kangaroos are generally between two males trying to establish dominance. Balancing on their powerful tails, they viciously kick, grab and punch. 

One ‘roo throws a left Muhammad Ali would be proud of during the epic battle

Kangaroos fight to establish dominance over one another, particularly during mating season

The loser is the first combatant to break off the fight and retreat.

The two ‘roos appear to be fit, young specimens of Forester kangaroo, a subspecies of the Eastern Gray kangaroo found only in Tasmania.

Forester kangaroos are the largest marsupial in Tasmania and adult males can stand over two metres tall and weigh over 60kg.

They are usually light brownish grey and are renowned for their thick tails.

Untroubled by the presence of the car, these two went ‘hammer and tong’ until one decided it was time to hop away and get back to the far safer pursuit of eating grass. 

A winner is only declared once one kangaroo backs down and beats a hasty retreat

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