Trump and Melania treated like 'zoo animals' at Mar-a-Lago where 'they eat alone as guests stare and clap,' book claims

Trump and Melania treated like 'zoo animals' at Mar-a-Lago where 'they eat alone as guests stare and clap,' book claims

DONALD and Melania Trump are treated like "zoo animals" at their Mar-a-Lago estate where they eat alone at a roped-off table as guests stare and clap, a new book claims.

In his forthcoming book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, journalist Michael Wolff claims the couple dines solo on the Florida resort's patio while up to 60 guests relentlessly gawk at them.

The Trumps are "looked at, somewhat, like zoo animals," Wolff wrote in an excerpt of the book, which was shared with The Times of London.

"No, no, that's not right," he continued. "They are like a newly married couple: every night is a wedding at which they spend their dinner greeting friends and wellwishers."

Former President Donald Trump has been residing at Mar-a-Lago full time since vacating the White House in January.

He eats dinner most evenings on the patio, appearing just as it has filled with guests, "at which point everyone stands and applauds," Wolff wrote.

The book also questions whether Melania actually lives at the estate with her husband.

"For four years in the White House, it was never quite clear how much time she was spending at the White House or in a house in Maryland where she had settled her parents," Wolff wrote.

"Aides were careful not to closely inquire or openly wonder. Here too, in Mar-a-Lago, it was unclear."

Melania famously opted not to immediately move into the White House following her husband's election, instead choosing to stay with her son Barron at their New York City residence until his school year finished.

That decision reportedly cost taxpayers upwards of $27 million in security costs.

The Sun has reached out to Trump's team on the comments made by Wolff but is yet to hear back.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington said: "Michael Wolff sat for over two hours in interviews with President Trump and never asked him about… false claims Wolff has been making.

"If he had, President Trump would have knocked them down, but instead Wolff decided to try to sell books with more Fake News."

Melania has largely shunned the limelight since relinquishing her role as First Lady.

When she is at the resort, Wolff claims, "they eat alone at a roped-off table in the center" of the patio.

Guest "rise from their seats to applaud the arrival of the former first couple to the dining area" each night, he further states.

Wolff describes the pair's life at the Palm Beach estate as "old-fashioned", complete with wine tasting, Croquet Singles, and themed food nights.

The author also jokes that entry requirements for club members have changed since Trump's relocation to the Sunshine State.

"The only qualification now, beyond the actual cost ($250,000, up from $150,000 before the presidency, plus a hefty yearly fee), is to be an abject Trump admirer."

While his future political plans remain ambiguous, Trump has hosted a bevy of GOP-fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago over the last six months, including for the likes of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Republicans too, much like the guests in the dining hall, allegedly fawn over Trump inside the club, seeking his favor and an endorsement.

Wolff details a meeting between Trump, Kansas Senator Jerry Moran, Florida Senator Rick Scott, and actor Jon Voight, back in Spring.

Later the same day, he also met with former secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross and his former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Wolff asserts that Trump will speak to "anyone who will listen."

He adds that Trump truly believes the election was stolen from him as part of a brazen coup and that he regards himself as the "single most powerful political entity in the US."

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