Toilet paper sells out again in Scotland as new COVID-19 lockdown looms

Toilet paper sells out again in Scotland as new COVID-19 lockdown looms

What a pain in the butt.

With a new coronavirus lockdown possible in Scotland, people are once again on the hunt for toilet paper, according to the Scottish Sun.

Residents have been storming stores to stockpile the basic necessity like they did back in March during the first lockdown, the news outlet reported.

The panic buying spree comes as the nation awaits word from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon later Tuesday about the restrictions to stem the spread of the virus.

But it is not only TP that people have been after.

Shopper Gemma Connolly was shocked to find barren shelves at the Asda store in Govan, Glasgow.

“I spoke to a young guy who told me that a woman with a three-day-old baby was in tears because she couldn’t find powdered milk,” she told the news outlet.

“He also said an old lady had been in earlier looking for toilet roll and there was none left,” Connolly added. “It’s disgusting the way some people are behaving. It’s like some kind of apocalypse is coming.”

Among the measures Sturgeon could announce are curfews at pubs and restaurants, rules on households meeting and limits on travel, according to the BBC.

Her counterparts in Wales and Northern Ireland also will join the discussion in an effort to find a common approach as the UK’s COVID-19 alert level moved to 4 — meaning the virus is “high or rising exponentially.”

About 2,500 people have died of the illness in Scotland.

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