Three simple home security tips you MUST know about – they could stop a burglar raiding your home

Three simple home security tips you MUST know about – they could stop a burglar raiding your home

A SECURITY expert has revealed three simple tips that all homeowners must follow as temperatures drop.

Locksmith Elizabeth Johns said Brits must take her advice – or they could run the risk of falling victim to prowling burglars.

Her first tip is to make sure door hinges and locks are well lubricated in the cold.

Wintry weather can cause metal to expand, meaning gaps and cracks can form in the door – making it vulnerable and easier to break into.

Elizabeth told the Sun: "As a locksmith, the one thing that came to mind when I saw temperatures dropping is about UVC doors.


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I’m a security expert, homeowners MUST follow my tips to stop burglars

"They have mechanisms – when you pull the handle it secures the door in three places – and in the cold weather they can become a bit stiff, it can make them not go into their secure point.

"It can make the door weaker.

"I would recommend contacting a locksmith to get the door serviced, just like you would a car, to make sure it's all running correctly.

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"And you can get some special lubricant from a lot of the hardware stores.

"Make sure you're lubricating the lock and the mechanism to make it fully secure.

"Burglars can notice a door that is not fully secure because there will be gaps.

"Any weak points make it prone to be targeted."

Secondly, Elizabeth recommends always checking that windows are locked.

Elizabeth added: "Generally you will probably see a spike [in burglaries] in colder months. People are more lax.

"In summer you are probably opening your windows quite a lot so you're more aware that you need to check to close them.

"In the colder weathers you're not as likely to open the windows – but if you do for any reason you're very likely to forget that they're still open.

"It should always be the priority to protect your property, but in the winter you need to be more alert."


Elizabeth's third and final tip is making sure your lock quality matches what it states on your home insurance.

If you don't, your insurer may not pay out in the event of a break-in.

"You need to make sure that your locks are insurer approved.

"If your doors are targeted and a burglar gets in by snapping the lock out, if your locks aren't assurer approved your insurer potentially won't pay out.

"You need to check your insurance contract to make sure your locks are in line with what is stated there."

Elizabeth earlier revealed a lesser known common mistake made by Brits in the colder months.

When it's cold, homeowners don't want to stand outside ripping up large cardboard boxes before putting them in the bin.

Instead, these empty boxes – which often have branding for high-cost items such as TVs or games consoles – are left leaning against the bin.

This shows burglars what expensive and desirable items can be found inside the house – making your property a target, Elizabeth explained.

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Elizabeth previously shared three simple tips to follow if you’ve lost your car keys.

She also revealed five reasons why burglars will target your home and how to stop them.

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