Theresa May is right to suppress the Remainers' demands for a 'People's Vote' as it betrays the Brexit result

Theresa May is right to suppress the Remainers' demands for a 'People's Vote' as it betrays the Brexit result

People power

In response to Tony Blair’s latest demand for a “People’s Vote”, she said it is the “democratic duty” of Parliament to deliver Brexit. Today, in the House of Commons, she will reiterate this.

With her chief of staff Gavin Barwell and deputy David Lidington accused of plotting a second referendum, Mrs May’s defiance is especially welcome.

What do these Tories think will happen to their party’s support if they force another referendum? It would be electoral suicide.

And, as The Sun has repeatedly warned, a second referendum would dangerously destabilise Britain.

Its backers all want to reverse Brexit, having never come to terms with their side losing.

What did they think the first referendum was if not a “People’s Vote”?

Leave voters are sick of being caricatured by the Europhile establishment as manipulated, thick idiots who made the wrong decision.

The “People’s Vote” brigade cannot comprehend that 17.4million people wanted Britain to be unshackled from the EU.

Forcing a second referendum now would plunge our democracy into disarray, as the fury of millions of stitched-up voters is unleashed.

It is vital that, whatever happens, Mrs May doesn’t listen to anti-democratic voices around her, however loud they grow.

Benefit all

THE Sun today launches our Make Universal Credit Work campaign.

We have long backed the new benefits system as a noble means of making work pay.

But its roll-out has been shambolic and caused hardship for families.

Our benefits system must be fair — which is why we are calling on the Government to slash the payment waiting time, raise the work allowance and lower the taper rate.

And parents must be allowed to get a chunk of childcare costs upfront, rather than being paid in arrears.

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has admitted there are “problems” with the system.

It’s about time they were fixed, Amber.

Ailing service

IT is shocking that some Brits are forced to wait weeks to see a GP.

Our investigation today reveals that one in five faced delays of three weeks or more.

This could have had potentially fatal consequences.

The disparity between waiting times for GP appointments across the UK is shameful.

We need to have a bold rethink of how the health service is run.

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