Tessa Majors murder: Heartbreaking video of teen performing before her death emerges

Tessa Majors murder: Heartbreaking video of teen performing before her death emerges

Friends and bandmates of murdered Barnard college student Tessa Major took to social media to honor the young woman Friday, sharing heart-wrenching videos and photos of the teen performing in her band.

“I wish I could rewind….This one was heartbreaking and just different. To my stage buddie, partner in crime, band mom, friend, and mentor, I love you,” the Instagram account “Beamer337” wrote alongside a video of Majors playing during a show.

The clip shows the slain 18-year-old alt-rocker jamming out on a white bass guitar, jumping up and down and swinging her blond pigtails as her bandmates picked up a funky tune.

“We hit it off the moment we met. At a time I felt as if giving up on my dreams was the only thing to do, you told me to stop whining and get to the love of it. I’ll never stop. WE will never stop,” the post’s caption went on.

The way for us to honor her is to never quit. Never stop playing. From now on, no matter who’s on stage with me, Tess will be right next me jamming with me. Thank you Tess I’ll miss you forever. Whenever I hit the stage you’ll be in my mind.”

Another friend of Majors, who went to high school with her in Charlottesville, Va. and also moved to New York to attend college, remembered her as “world altering.”

“I’d been holding onto a book I was planning to give to Tess, when we got back to Charlottesville for winter break, called ‘Revenge of the She Punks’. It’s about bad-asses that changed the world through their music and selves. And that’s exactly what Tess was: world altering,” Chris Murphy wrote in the post.

“There is nothing okay about the fact that Tess doesn’t get to do all the amazing things I know they would have. Even in far too short of a life, though, Tess managed to touch so many people, and I know for a fact, all of our lives were changed for the better. Tess was one of the brightest shining, most intelligent, talented, loving, and genuine people I’ve ever known.”

Majors was part of the band “Patient 0,” which just dropped its first album “Girl Problems” on Spotify in September.

The album “focuses on the trials and tribulations of coming of age while simultaneously tackling first relationships, identity issues, and mixed emotions about growing up,” the about section for the band’s page on Spotify reads.

“Since we’ve been up here, Tess managed to not only continue making my life better every day, but also touched every single new person who was lucky enough to encounter them,” Murphy continued in his post.

“Tess you are entirely unforgettable. I miss you so much, and would give anything just to jam with you one more time.”

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