Tattoo artists show off body-art skills at huge convention in London

Tattoo artists show off body-art skills at huge convention in London

Tatt’s ink-redible! From zombie punks to Lord of the Rings – the world’s greatest tattoo artists show off their amazing body-art skills at massive convention in London

  • The International London Tattoo Convention has kicked off at the Tobacco Dock in Wapping, London, today
  • Annual event showcases renowned artists from counties such as South Korea, Germany, France and Spain
  • Visitors were spotted showing off their intricate body art while others got some new ink during the first day 

Thousands of tattoo enthusiasts showed off their colourful and intricate inkings today as the one of the world’s largest body art conventions kicked off.

The three day event held at the Tobacco Dock in Wapping, London, sees people from across the world gather to marvel at each others impressive designs and even get some new work done.

Now in its 15th year, the International London Tattoo Convention hosts more than 400 renowned artists from counties such as South Korea, Germany and Spain.

Organisers describe the weekend event, which also features live music and trade stands, as ‘the most exciting, anticipated and resoundingly successful celebration of body art in the world’.

Some of the visitors arriving today were seen covered in impressive designs including faces, flowers and animals, while others had a range of piercings and one man sported a Lord of the Rings themed back piece.

During the weekend a competition is also ran offering visitors the chance to offer their opinion on the best piece created during the event, while judges chose the best in categories including Ornamental and Realism.

Thousands of people have shown off their intricate and colourful body art at the International London Tattoo convention in Wapping today. Pictured is Zombie Punk, from Brazil, with ink on his arms, chest and body along with several facial piercings

More than 400 world renowned artists will be at the weekend event. Artist Nora Caliani from Madrid was seen with tattoos all over her arms and stomach at the convention and artist Black Widow from Costa Rica, right, also posed for a portrait today

Three men, including two with coloured tattoos and one with black and white images across his stomach and arms, posed for a picture at the convention which is now in its 15th year

This man added another tat to his already impressive Lord of the Rings inspired back piece which featured Gandalf and Golem

Enthusiast Black Widow from Costa Rica, pictured, is one of the more than 400 tattoo artists appearing at the convention

Others stripped down to their underwear and bravely got inked in front of the crowds during the event in east London today

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One man let a tattoo artist ink his left arm during the day’s event and watched as the creation came to life on his skin

A tattoo artist is seen concentrating on a man’s leg as he works on a lion inking during the first day of the weekend event

From those just starting out with a few tattoos, left, to others with the majority of their bodies covered, right, all types of body art enthusiasts were seen at the east London convention today

Zombie Punk from Brazil has 75 percent body modifications including an eye tattoo and is pictured at the convention today

A man showed off his tattoos which frame his eyes, cover his forehead, shoulders and arms at the body art event today

One man closed his eyes as he got a new tattoo on the back of his head at the 15th annual convention in London today

Other visitors at the event donned their shorts to show off a range of bright designs despite the slightly chilly weather today

Tattoo enthusiast and artist Lauren Stephens from Newcastle, pictured left and right, posed for a portrait at the annual event

A visitor to the London convention added another tattoo to his collection today by getting inked in front of spectators

This person showed off their intricate back piece. Over the weekend a competition will be held to find the best pieces created during the event

A group was all smiles as they gathered round a man and inspected his tattoos at Tobacco Dock in east London today

A man with facial piercings and several tattoos posed for a photograph outside the International tattoo convention today

Several people, left and another right with a tongue split as well, were seen with tattoos on their faces and covering the majority of their bodies today

Double speed! This woman let two tattoo artists work on her arms at the same time during a sitting at Tobacco Dock today

Another man was seen relaxing with his iPad and earphones while an artist worked on giving him some ink at the convention

Tattoo artists were seen working on dozens of people at the event including this woman who had several illustrations on her 

A relaxed tattoo fan read his copy of This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook during the inking session today

A woman seemed relaxed as she had a detailed piece tattooed onto her arm during the first day of the annual event

Two men were tattooed at the same time today, with one getting ink on his head and the other on his right lower leg

Colin Snow showed off his ink today at the east London event which covers his arms, legs, stomach and some of his head

This person had more ink added to their already impressive collection by one of the 400 artists at the show in London today

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