Spanish politics shaken by awakening of the far-right

Spanish politics shaken by awakening of the far-right

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Spain’s Socialist prime minister says he will defend the constitution and democracy against fear following a major setback to his party in a regional election that marked an awakening of the far-right.

Pedro Sanchez tweeted Monday that “my government will continue working on a regenerating and pro-European project for Spain.” The anti-migrant, euroskeptic Vox party won 12 seats in the 109-member regional parliament of Andalusia, in southern Spain on Sunday.

Sanchez added that the result will “strengthen our pledge to defend the Constitution and Democracy against fear.”

The Socialists won an election marked by a low participation, but face losing the regional government for the first time in 36 years if the center-right, conservative and extreme right opposition strike a deal to assemble a 59-seat majority.

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