SoCal woman's wedding dress donated to Goodwill on accident

SoCal woman's wedding dress donated to Goodwill on accident

Woman launches desperate search for her wedding gown after dad donated it to a California Goodwill by accident while clearing out his house

  • A SoCal woman had her wedding dress accidentally donated to charity
  • Rebecca Nguyen said she was keeping her beloved gown at her father’s house
  • Nguyen has been desperately searching Goodwills in the Orange County area 

A Southern California woman is desperately searching for her beloved wedding gown after it was accidentally donated to Goodwill by her father. 

Rebecca Nguyen was keeping the dress she wore down the aisle in 2017 at her parents’ house until she realized her father was clearing the property ready to sell it, after he had split from her mom.

In a panic, she called him only to find out that everything – including the stunning floor-length gown that had brought her Marine husband to tears on their special day – had been donated to the Goodwill in Brea, California. 

Nguyen has spent the days since calling around to locations in Orange County and making posts on Facebook and TikTok begging others in a bid to get her dress back. 

‘I honestly didn’t think I’d be this attached to it,’ she told NBC 4 LA. ‘But then when I found that dress, I put it on, and I just felt like the most beautiful version of myself.’

Rebecca Nguyen of Orange County, California is desperately searching for her beloved wedding gown after it was accidentally donated to Goodwill by her father

The SoCal woman has taken to TikTok and Facebook to help spread the word about the dress  

Nguyen (left) with her parents. The woman had been keeping the dress at their home

According to Nguyen, her dress has been at her parents’ home since her August 2017 wedding and she had never worried about it going missing. 

When her parents split, however, she realized that her father was clearing out the house before selling it and began to worry over the dress’ status. 

‘And he’s like, “There’s nothing left,” and I was like, “Oh, my gosh,”‘ Nguyen said. 

The dress was ultimately handed off to Goodwill sometime in late April or early May.

‘Unfortunately, things were being donated to Goodwill, and my wedding dress was accidentally donated with some of the other stuff,’ she told NBC4. 

She immediately jumped into action, calling the original Goodwill where the dress was dropped off. That did not prove to be fruitful.

‘We called Goodwill right away, and then they said, “Well, unfortunately, we don’t sell wedding dresses at this location,”‘ she said. 

It’s possible that the dress was sent to a warehouse and then redistributed to another Goodwill location in the area for sale. 

Since that initial call, she has communicated with several other stores in hopes that they may be able to find it.  

‘They’re helping out,’ she said. ‘All the Goodwill stores have a photo of the dress and an email with my information in it. So we’re doing as much as we can.’

This is the Goodwill in Brea, California where the dress was accidentally donated 

The stunning dress has lace accents from top to bottom 

Please help me find my dress! Its likely in southern california. It was first donated to a location in brea, california. #help #fyp #makethisviral

Nguyen and husband Jesse Sanchez were married in August of 2017

On top of her calls to Goodwills in the Southern California region, she says she has been proactive on social media, sharing her story in Facebook groups and on TikTok.

‘I posted, I don’t know, I wanna say like 30 to 40 Facebook pages. Like every local page I can find, you know, wedding pages, things like that,’ she said. 

In one TikTok video she posted, she shares photos of the dress along with a plea to anyone who may have seen it or purchased it to let her know immediately. 

The TikTok video has received nearly 30,000 views and hundreds of comments. 

‘People are being really amazing and sharing,’ she said.

One commenter remarked that it would take someone with a big heart who has already purchased it to end up giving it back. 

Nguyen said she knows it’s possible someone already bought it and would just want to work with that buyer to get it back eventually. 

‘There’s a high likelihood that somebody has the dress already, and I understand that they’re probably in love with it because, I was in love with it, and finding it at a Goodwill is such a score,’ she said. 

‘I’m ok with whoever has this wedding dress, like wearing it to their wedding. But, you know, if I could pay them to have it back, that would be, that’s just really all I’m asking for,’ the SoCal woman continued.

‘It could be sitting at the warehouse, still waiting to get sorted through,’ said Chris Sewitsky, the retail director at the Brea Goodwill

One Goodwill representative who spoke with CBS Los Angeles said that there’s still the chance the dress hasn’t been sorted at all. 

‘It could be sitting at the warehouse, still waiting to get sorted through,’ said Chris Sewitsky, the retail director at the Brea Goodwill. 

‘It just depends where and what time of day it came in. That store is a very busy store. Some stuff does stay at that store, some stuff comes back to main distribution,’ Sewitsky continued. 

‘So, we’re hoping we can find it because it is such a unique item,’ he said.

As she continues to search, she told NBC4 she has hopes that this will end happily and that it’s just a funny story to tell her grandkids one day.

‘Oh, I was on TV, and it was this big manhunt and we found the dress,’ she joked. 

Anyone with more information on the missing dress can reach out to Goodwill in Brea by calling (714) 255-1099. 

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