Six dead ‘after train hit by object from passing freight train’ in Denmark

Six dead ‘after train hit by object from passing freight train’ in Denmark

At least six people have died and many more were injured after a horror train crash on a bridge in Denmark.

The tragedy happened at around 7.30am on the Great Belt Bridge, which is used by tens of thousands every day.

The high-speed train was hit by an object – said to be a tarpaulin – from a passing freight train, forcing it to brake suddenly.

A witness said survivors had to step over dead bodies in order to escape.

A huge emergency operation is underway, with the local hospital in Odense launching a crisis response.

According to broadcaster DR there were 131 passengers and three staff members onboard.

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One passenger on the train, Simon Voldsgaard Tøndering told Politiken he had managed to drag a man with broken ribs out of the wreckage, but added:  "But there were more and more in there.

"We had to step over the dead who were below all the rubble on the floor to help."

Rail operator DSB is currently unable to confirm how many people were injured on the train, which was bound for the island of Funen in the south of the country.

The Great Belt Bridge – which links the islands of Zealand and Funen – has been closed, and it is unclear when it will reopen.

It transports tens of thousands of people each day.

It is thought the object struck the train during a heavy storm.

A shelter has been set up in nearby Nyborg for people injured in the collision.

Pictures from the scene show a train bearing the Carlsberg logo which appears to be badly damaged.

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