Shocking moment Russian soldier is RUN OVER during bungled parade | The Sun

Shocking moment Russian soldier is RUN OVER during bungled parade | The Sun

FOOTAGE shows the shocking moment a Russian soldier is RUN OVER during a bungled parade.

A video shows some of Vladimir Putin's newly mobilised recruits in formation at a military ceremony before the armoured vehicle makes a wrong turn and tramples one of their comrades.

The injured soldier was able to get to his feet and hobble back to his squadron before tumbling back down to the ground.

However, he appeared to be ok after the horror accident.

Only last month, Putin announced the partial mobilisation of his country that has seen hundreds of thousands of men across Russia enlisted – despite a huge backlash.

But soon videos quickly emerged from inside the nation suggesting Vlad's latest recruits were a long way from being battle-ready with a string of embarrassing incidents including drunkenness and open insubordination.  

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And the circumstances of the latest accident certainly wasn’t lost on onlooking Ukrainians who quipped that the Russian army “Is still in training.”

One said: “This clip shows all you want to know about the driving skills in the newly mobilised Russian armed forces.”

While another captioned the clip: “Awesome video of #russian power, ignore Sasha getting run over at the end.”

According to sources, conscripts have been given zero training before being transported to the frontline and had even been handed rusty guns and given 60-year-old tanks.

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And according to The Sunday Times, recently-conscripted fighters in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine are said to be surrendering in their droves, with many of the soldiers manning checkpoints thought to be completely pro-Ukrainian.

Meanwhile, footage has showed those called-up to fight getting drunk in barracks as whilst others torched enlistment offices to avoid the draft. While others openly question their superiors.

In one clip, apparently drunk men are seen fighting among themselves next to a bus taking them to a training camp.

As another appears to show a crate of beer being handed around the new recruits on board a crumbling bus heading for a training camp.

While a third video shows drunken new soldiers loudly questioning where they are being taken as they stand around next to a row of buses on a remote road in Russia.

It comes as many Russian men have looked for ways to avoid the draft and prevent themselves from being sent to die in Ukraine.

The Russian death toll in Ukraine is already believed to be more than 63,000 with tens of thousands more soldiers wounded.

Reports claim Russian men have been hastily getting married or registering themselves as carers for elderly children in a bid to get out of the war.

Some have even resorted to self-inflicting horrific injuries as confidence in the war effort dwindles by the day.  

Last month saw huge tailbacks at the borders and a rush to buy flights out of Russia as men try to beat the cutoff point for leaving the country.

One young Russian conscript called up to fight in Putin's 'genocidal' war even told The Sun he would do whatever he could to escape being sent to Ukraine and becoming 'cannon fodder.’

"I’ll do literally everything, including getting myself into a psychiatric hospital,” he said.

"I don't want to go to war. I won't be killing Ukrainians. I don’t want to kill."

The latest information from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence suggest that Russian forces have lost a further 270 soldiers within the past 24 hours.

The also claim that a further 11 artillery vehicles were destroyed taking the total over 1,500 since the war started.

This week an ex-Nato chief warned that Europe faces "no peace while Putin is in power".

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General Sir Richard Shirreff urged the West to keep up the pressure on Vladimir Putin but warned the danger has by no means gone away.

He told The Sun Online: "There will be no peace in Europe while either Putin, a Putin-like regime, or an ultra-nationalist sits in the Kremlin."

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