Sen Mark Warner says there’s ‘LESS support for another straight stimulus check’ and focus is on helping the hardest hit

Sen Mark Warner says there’s ‘LESS support for another straight stimulus check’ and focus is on helping the hardest hit

SENATOR Mark Warner has said that there's "less support for another straight stimulus check" and that the focus is on helping the hardest hit Americans.

"I think there's probably less support for another straight stimulus check because that goes to people regardless of whether they’ve been hurt or not by COVID," Warner said during a Facebook Live Town Hall on Wednesday.

"I think there is a general feeling from both Democrats and Republicans that in this next COVID bill we ought to focus on those who have been hit the hardest, rather than these broad stimulus efforts."

Senate Republicans are reportedly working on a new, slimmed-down coronavirus relief package that extends unemployment benefits – but scraps another round of $1,200 checks for eligible Americans.

The $500billion package would reportedly be more focused on providing financial assistance to people who find themselves out of work, as well as small businesses, according to ABC News.

However Congressional Democrats, who initially proposed a $3trillion relief package, will likely insist on a significantly larger package.

The news of the slimmed down GOP package comes even as Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin suggested that President Trump really wanted direct stimulus checks sent out to Americans again – and soon.

When will there be a 2nd stimulus check?

Many Americans have been left confused about when they will receive their second round of coronavirus stimulus checks as no deal has been agreed on yet.

It appears that President Trump has softened on some strict terms for clearing a second stimulus package, and the White House has confirmed that he will sign off on a recent pitch.

This means that Americans may be receiving another wave of $1,200 checks soon.

Both Democrats and Republicans are advocating for packages similar to the CARES Act. The HEALS Act, first offered up by Senate Republicans in July, would offer the same $1,200 base check and $500-per-dependent as the CARES Act.

The HEALS Act, put forth by House Democrats in May, offers $1,200, plus more $1,200 payments for three dependents. Both of these proposed acts call for stimulus checks to be given to the same wealth brackets as the initial CARES Act.

It is possible that the act that wins out will also allow for checks for low-income and non-filing Americans.

"The president wants us to do more," Mnuchin said Tuesday. "He wants us to provide money for kids and jobs, and a second round of the [Paycheck Protection Program] and direct payments are a clear part of that."

As relief bill negotiations dragged on this summer, Democrats dropped their proposal to a $2trillion package, asking Republicans to meet them halfway.

However, no agreement has been reached at this time.

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