Salvation Army less than halfway to cash goal in Christmas campaign

Salvation Army less than halfway to cash goal in Christmas campaign

The Salvation Army has collected less than half the money they usually do at this time of year, with only a few weeks left in their charity campaign.

“As of December 10 we have raised $160,000 of our $370,000 goal for Winnipeg” said Major Rob Kerr, spokesperson for the local chapter of the Salvation Army.

“We know Winnipeggers are generous and they always come through, but we are getting down to the end and we need to ask the public for their support.”

The Salvation Army raised concerns a few weeks ago after Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries told the charity they could not place their usual Christmas Kettles inside their stores.

Susan Harrison, a spokesperson for MBLL, told Global News in a statement on Nov. 22 that they received complaints about charities soliciting in the stores.

“Over the last number of years, and following some complaints from customers, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has slowly eliminated the practice of soliciting shoppers for donations in our Liquor Marts,” said Harrison.

“Currently, there is no program that allows other groups the same access the Salvation Army has had to our customers for fundraising purposes.”

“Our concern is, how do we make up those funds?” asked Kerr at the time.

“We’re looking at other locations to have kettles, and as we find other locations, that people will find us at those locations and continue to donate.”

The Salvation Army was allowed to place miniature tabletop kettles located at the checkout of liquor stores, instead of an actual volunteer gathering money on behalf of Salvation Army.

Last year, the Salvation Army raised $35,000 through their kettle program at liquor stores.

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