Ron DeSantis to sign bill banning trans females from women’s sports as Caitlyn Jenner says they have 'unfair advantage'

Ron DeSantis to sign bill banning trans females from women’s sports as Caitlyn Jenner says they have 'unfair advantage'

GOVERNOR Ron DeSantis has promised to sign a bill banning transgender females from participating in women's and girls' sports in Florida.

The Republican's pledge comes as former Olympian and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner said she opposes transgender men or women taking part in all-female sports as she continues her bid for California Governor.

“We’re going to protect our girls,” DeSantis told Fox News host Laura Ingraham at a town hall event in Orlando on Thursday.

"I have a four-year-old daughter and a one-year-old daughter. They’re both very athletic. We want to have opportunities for our girls.

"They deserve an even playing field, and that’s what we’re doing."

DeSantis' announcement came just 24 hours after Florida Republicans rushed the ban through the legislature by attaching it to a charter school bill.

The bill would ban transgender women and girls — who do not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth – from playing women’s and girls’ scholastic sports in Florida. 

It would not apply to elementary school children or transgender boys seeking to participate in boys’ sports.

Most Democratic lawmakers, along with LGBTQ activists, have spoken out in opposition of the measure, calling it cruel, discriminatory and unnecessary.

Nathan Bruemmer, a transgender man and community activist, told the Tampa Bay Times that he believes the bill marginalizes already vulnerable children.

"It's yet another political tactic that highlights an ongoing lack of compassion and a willful ignorance of who transgender youth are and how this will cause harm," he said.

California Governor hopeful and trans reality star Caitlyn Jenner believes transgender girls or women should not take part in all-female sports.

The former Olympian, 71, told TMZ: "This is a question of fairness, that's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girl's sports in school.

"It just isn't fair, and we have to protect girls sports in our schools."

When asked if forbidding trans girls from competing against other girls would be "delegitimizing their identity",Jenner ended the conversation, responding: "Have a good day."

She later took to Twitter to elaborate on her point of view, writing: "I didn’t expect to get asked this on my Saturday morning coffee run, but I’m clear about where I stand.

"It’s an issue of fairness and we need to protect girls’ sports in our schools," she reiterated.

Multiple states—including Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Dakota and Idaho—have already approved legislation to ban trans girls from competing in female sports.


On Wednesday West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed a similar bill, despite threats of protests from sports groups and LGBTQ activists.

In an interview with MSNBC regarding the bill, Justice was unable to cite a single example of a transgender athlete gaining an unfair advantage in sports in his state when pressed by host Stephanie Ruhle.

"Well, Stephanie, I don't have that experience exactly to myself right now," Justice responded.

Trans activists have argued that gender identity, rather than sex, should determine who is allowed in which sports teams.

There are a number of female trans athletes competing in girl's and women's athletics, such as Terry Miller, Andraya Yearwood and Cece Telfer.

Telfer is the first openly transgender woman to win an NCAA title, a medal she won in the 400-meter hurdles event in June 2019.

Opponents argue that it's unfair that male-born trans women could be allowed entry into female sports, considering the anatomical differences between male and female bodies.

Conservative lawmakers in more than 20 states have introduced legislation to ban or limit transgender athletes from competing on teams or sports that align with their gender identity.

Jenner won the gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal as a male decathlete with a then-record score of 8,618 points.

Then in 2015, she became the most prominent athlete to come out as transgender.

Jenner is due to conduct her first-sit down interview since announcing her gubernatorial run with Fox News' Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

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