Rod Stewart charged after 'punching security guard on New Year's Eve'

Rod Stewart charged after 'punching security guard on New Year's Eve'

Rod Stewart is charged with simple battery after singer ‘punched security guard at children’s party’ following bust up involving son Sean at luxury Florida resort on New Year’s Eve’

  • Sir Rod Stewart has been charged with simple battery, police documents reveal
  • He is accused of having punched a hotel security guard on New Year’s Eve 
  • The incident occurred on December 31 at about 11pm at The Breakers Hotel
  • The incident supposedly started when Stewart and his party were denied access to a private event at a children’s area of the hotel   

Sir Rod Stewart allegedly punched a security guard at a swanky Palm Beach hotel on New Year’s Eve after he and his party were denied access to a private event there.  

According to police documents obtained by, Rod Stewart has been charged with simple battery – a misdemeanor – following the incident that took place at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, on December 31 at about 11.09pm. 

Both the singer, 74, and his son, Sean Stewart, 39, were named in the incident. 

Hotel security guard Jessie Dixon told police that he was working at a private event in the children’s area of the hotel that night when he saw ‘a group of people’ near the event’s check-in table, trying to get into the event, even though they ‘were unauthorized to do so,’ according to the police report. 

A hotel security guard claimed that Rod Stewart (right) and son Sean Stewart (left) got aggressive after he told them to leave the check-in area of a private event on New Year’s Eve

Rod Stewart (center) is seen here with fans in an Instagram photo taken on New Year’s Eve. The security guard said that Rod punched him and that Sean shoved him

The incident took place at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Rod Stewart and his party were said to have been trying to get into a private event that they weren’t invited to 

‘The group began to get loud and cause a scene’ and refused to leave when Dixon told them to go, the report said. 

Dixon then told police that a man – later identified as Rod Stewart’s son, Sean Stewart – ‘got “about nose to nose” distance’ from Dixon’s face. 

When Dixon put ‘the back of his right hand’ on Sean’s chest and told him to ‘back up and create some space,’ Sean allegedly shoved Dixon backwards. 

Then, Rod Stewart ‘stepped toward him and threw a punch, striking Dixon in his left ribcage area,’ according to the police report. 

Police said that they then went to speak with Rod, who told them that they were trying to get the children in their group into the event. 

Rod Stewart is pictured here in an Instagram post with a fan at the Breakers Hotel on January 3

Police said there is enough evidence to charge Rod Stewart (left, with Sean, right) with simple battery and he is due in court on February 5

Sean Stewart (second from right) is pictured here with Rod (second from left), stepmother Penny Lancaster (left) and mother, Alana Stewart (right) in August 2019

But, after being denied access to the event, Rod told police that ‘Dixon became argumentative with his family, which in turn caused them to become agitated,’ the police report said. 

Rod ‘apologized for his behavior in the incident,’ police noted.   

Police then spoke with two hotel employees who were also working at the private event. They signed sworn witness statements confirming that Sean had pushed Dixon and that they saw Rod punch Dixon. 

Breakers Hotel video camera footage was also reviewed by police. 

The footage showed that Sean and Rod were ‘the primary aggressors,’ according to the report. 

Police said the footage showed that Sean ‘forcefully pushed Dixon backward a few feet’ and that once the security guard ‘regained his footing and stepped back’ toward Sean, Rod ‘stepped forward and struck Dixon’s chest with a closed fist.’ 

The probable cause affidavit notes that Dixon wishes to go forward with prosecuting both Sean and Rod Stewart for battery. 

Between the sworn witness statements and the video footage, police said that there is enough evidence to warrant charging Rod with one count of simple battery. 

It’s unclear if Sean will also face charges, although the arrest/notice to appear documentation lists him as a co-defendant.  

Rod was issued with a notice to appear at the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Complex on February 5.  

Police documents obtained by, regarding the incident involving Rod and Sean Stewart on New Year’s Eve

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