Revolting moment PUS oozes from Aldi shoulder of pork mum bought for family dinner

Revolting moment PUS oozes from Aldi shoulder of pork mum bought for family dinner

The mum-of-two was preparing the joint of meat when she noticed a "funny looking lump" and pierced it with her knife.

The disgusted mum-of-two filmed the moment she squeezed the incision as a yellowish liquid gushed out of the hole and onto her worktop.

She refused to eat the meat and instead complained directly to Aldi, before sharing the video online.

Captioning the clip, she said: "Definitely not having pulled pork for tea tonight as it was filled with pus. Knocked me sick.

"Can't face eating any meat now".

She added: "Worrying thing is if it was in the middle of the meat joint I would be none the wiser and would have cooked it."

Lee Frost, a butcher from Chorlton, Manchester, said it's not unusual for these cysts to appear in pork – but it should never make it to the shops without being removed.

Mr Frost, who runs WH Frost, told Sun Online: "There is a gland in the neck, near the shoulder, and it should be removed. It shouldn't be for sale like that.

"The little glands that cause this pus are usually from dirty needles.

"It happens early on when they are piglets and need some sort of antibiotics.

"Rather than using a fresh needle, they'll just use the same dirty needle."

Mr Frost added: "It's just poor quality. You see it more at battery-style pig farms with cheaper standards."

The mum-of-two, who wished to remain anonymous, said the supermarket told her it's investigating.

She said: "Aldi have trusted the manufacturer in good faith that the products are a suitable quality.

"I will continue to shop at Aldi but will not be buying pork from any shops."

A spokesman for Aldi said: "Issues of this nature are extremely rare with our products, and we are sorry that on this occasion the pork did not meet our usual high standards.

"We have offered the customer a full refund.”

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