Remains of missing snorkeler show he 'was mauled by shark moments after suffering medical episode' in Australia

Remains of missing snorkeler show he 'was mauled by shark moments after suffering medical episode' in Australia

THE remains of a "fun-loving" dad show he was mauled by a shark after apparently suffering a "medical episode" off the Australian coast, say reports.

Duncan Craw, 32, was snorkeling while on a family camping holiday in Port Macdonnell, South Australia, when he suddenly disappeared from sight.

After flippers and a shredded wetsuit were found, the search for him was scaled back, with police saying it was likely he had been attacked by a Great White.

Now human remains have been found near the spot where he was last seen alive on Thursday evening, reports

Local cops were called to a beach off Finger Point Road just before 1.30pm today after a member of the public made the grisly discovery.

They said they would investigate whether the body belonged to Mr Craw adding the forensic examination would take some time to complete.

However, Mr Craw's family said they believed their loved one most likely “suffered a medical episode long before the arrival of the shark”.

“We will be bringing Duncan home to Warrnambool,” they wrote in a statement posted on social media.

“We want everyone to know that the ocean is still a place of peace and beauty for us.

“We will keep enjoying the outdoors, remembering Duncan as we do so.”

Speaking about the tragedy, a police spokesperson said: "Tragically, police suspect the Victorian man has been the victim of a shark attack, after PolAir spotted a shark in the area."

The operations manager at an agriculture contracting company leaves behind his one-year-old son, Levi, and his wife, Taylia

Mr Craw’s devastated family also released a statement shortly after his disappearance.

It read: "We wish this was all a bad dream. It’s also impossible to fully explain the hole this will leave behind in the lives of all the relatives and friends who love Duncan.

"The exact circumstances of Duncan’s disappearance are not yet known but given the recovery of a damaged wetsuit and the sighting of a Great White in the area on Thursday, it looks like a shark was involved."

"He was a cheerful, loving, helpful son. He was a kind and cheeky brother to his sisters.

"He was a fun-loving, mischievous and supportive mate who had a heart of gold.

"We will never forget Duncan and we will make sure his memory lives on."

The was an avid snorkeler and “accepted the dangers he may face in the ocean," the family said. “He was extremely unlucky this time."

They went onto thank the search and rescue crews and the volunteers who tried to find him.

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