Reality star, 51, says Prince Harry is a 'good kisser'

Reality star, 51, says Prince Harry is a 'good kisser'

‘Harry likes an older lady’: Reality star, 51, who had a ‘fling with toyboy prince’ when he was 21 says he’s a ‘good kisser’… as guessing game over the identity of mature woman who took his virginity in a Cotswold field continues

  • Prince Harry recalled how he lost his virginity in his new biography Spare
  • The duke described it as a ‘humiliating’ experience that took place behind a pub
  • The prince did not identify the older woman, who he said had a love of horses
  • One former lover has said Harry ‘knew what he was doing’ when he kissed her 

A reality star and ex-lover of Prince Harry says he was a ‘good kisser and ‘clearly not a virgin’ when she met him in the wake of the Duke’s revelation in memoir Spare that he lost his virginity to a mystery woman in a field behind a pub. 

In the book, which was released early in Spain earlier this week, Prince Harry reveals how he lost his virginity in 2001 aged 17 to an older woman who ‘liked macho horses’ in a ‘field behind a very busy pub’ – believed to have been the Rattlebone Inn in Wiltshire. 

‘I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my ass and sent me away,’ he said, instantly fuelling fevered speculation as to who the mystery woman could be. 

Now Catherine Ommanney, 51, an interior designer who praises the prince as a ‘good kisser’, has spoken out about her own experience with Prince Harry in a twist which could rule her out from being the mystery woman.

Catherine Ommanney, 51, told the Sun on Sunday Prince Harry ‘knew what he was doing’ when they met

Prince Harry revealed in his memoir Spare that he lost his virginity to an older woman with a love of horses aged 17 (Pictured: Prince Harry on a visit to Australia in 2003)

‘It was clear he wasn’t a virgin when we met,’ Ms Ommanney told the Sun on Sunday.

‘He was 21 and he was very sure of himself. He was a great kisser and obviously knew what he was doing.’

Ms Ommanney, who was 34 at the time, described the prince as a ‘total gentleman’, but added he seemed to be looking for someone older to offer him wisdom and guidance in life.

The couple went on a string of dates before Harry, whose security team allegedly disapproved of their relationship, changed his phone number, she added.

The interior designer, who also starred on The Real Housewives of DC, had another revelation up her sleeve.

She told the Sun that around the time she was seeing Prince Harry, he also had a ‘rendezvous’ with a woman who she claims was ten years older than her – making her more than 20 years older than Harry. 

She staunchly denied any suggestion she was the woman who Harry lost his virginity to, saying she ‘hates horses’ and is ‘sad’ that the prince had such an encounter.

At the time when Prince Harry was aged 21, he was in his partyboy era, with claims from his memoir indicating he used party hard and even take drugs such as cocaine and magic mushrooms.

But despite having plenty of young women ready to ‘throw themselves at him’, Ms Ommanney said she believes he was ‘lost’ and looking for someone older who he could trust.

Prince Harry’s penchant for the older woman is well known, although its somewhat unlikely that any of the women he has been publicly linked to were involved in his steamy pub incident – but his dating history from that time does present several runners and riders.

Catherine Ommaney

Catherine Ommanney (who is 13 years older than Harry) has spoken openly about their fling

Catherine Ommanney (left, in 2010) claims she enjoyed a two-month fling with Prince Harry (right, in 2006) when she was 34 and he was 21 

But this wasn’t the last time Prince Harry was involved with an older woman – as reality star Catherine Ommanney has spoken openly about their ‘fling’, despite their 13 year age gap.

Although she’s never revealed the date of their first meeting,  the Real Housewives of DC star claims to have enjoyed a two month romance with the royal in 2006, when she was 34 and he was 21.

Last November, Catherine said in an interview with The Sun that she met with Prince Harry, now 38, in a bar in Chelsea while he was still in a long-term on-off relationship with socialite Chelsy Davy. 

She says that after having a few drinks, the pair then went to Eclipse nightclub in South Kensington together, before heading to one of his friend’s houses.

There, she says, they ‘shared a cigarette on the steps outside and [Harry] really opened-up to [her]’.

After going back inside, she claims Harry made them all bacon sandwiches, play-fought with his friends and gave her a kiss before heading home. 

Catherine claims they met a few more times before the romance fizzled out and it wasn’t until 2009, a year after she married her second husband (from whom she is now separated) that the two bumped into each other again at a polo match.

Appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored last month, Catherine said ‘doesn’t recognise’ Harry and insisted he would not have been the ‘sort of person’ to make a six-part documentary with Netflix when she knew him.

She said: ‘[Meghan] got a spell over him, and that’s why I don’t recognise him, because he used to be so down-to-earth and normal and there’s so little of him I actually recognise. 

‘He would never in a million years back in those days have been the sort of person to do this show, ever.’

Natalie Pinkham

In 1999, Prince Harry reportedly met sports presenter Natalie Pinkham at the Rugby World Cup in Wales when he was 15 and she was in her early 20s. 

When Harry was 17, the Mail reported that he’d struck up a close friendship with Natalie, then 24, who was a researcher on Ready, Steady, Cook at the time.

Sources said he was infatuated with Ms Pinkham and regularly sent her flirtatious e-mails and text messages.

However, she denied they were more than friends, saying: ‘We are close friends and we’ve known each other for a few years. We speak regularly on the phone, but I really don’t want to say anything else.’ 

In 2006, photos emerged of Prince Harry – who was still dating Chelsy Davy at the time – groping Natalie’s chest at a party, which were then published in The Sun.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday shortly afterwards, Natalie denied that she was romantically involved with the Prince – with a source saying that she considered him to be a ‘normal bloke’.

Prince Harry and Natalie’s relationship didn’t blossom further from there and she went on to marry Endemol executive, Owain Walbyoff, and the pair now have two children. 

Sky Sports presenter Natalie Pinkham – who is seven years older than Prince Harry – pictured interviewing the royal in 2011. 

Left: Natalie Pinkham, 45, pictured on the red carpet for the London Fashion Awards in 2019. Right: Pictured with husband Owain Walbyoff and their two children

In 2019, it was reported that Prince Harry had ‘ghosted’ Natalie following his marriage to Meghan Markle. 

Speaking to The Sun, a source claimed: ‘She is quite rightfully miffed. She has known Harry for years and was not only his drinking buddy, but his confidante.

‘They were super close but it was purely platonic. When Harry got together with Meghan their relationship rapidly changed — it just went flat and noticeably cooled off.’ 

However they added: ‘Natalie feels Meghan is the sensible soulmate who will tame Harry’s wild side.’

Liz Hurley (absolutely not me!)

Liz Hurley has denied the rumour that she took Prince Harry’s virginity in a field outside a pub

Liz Hurley (left) went out of her way to stress she was not the woman referred to in Prince Harry’s memoir

Prince Harry claims he was attacked by his brother who called Meghan ‘rude’ and ‘difficult’ in bombshell extract from memoir ‘Spare’ 


She may have been rumoured to have dated Prince Harry in the past – but Liz Hurley has gone out of her way to deny that she is the woman who enjoyed a countryside tryst with the royal. 

In December, the 57-year-old actor was asked about the rumour during an interview with the Saturday Times magazine.

When asked about whether she could be the mysterious older woman who took Harry’s virginity, Liz replied: ‘Not me. Not guilty. Ha!’

Making sure there was no room for confusion, she then added: ‘No. Not me. Absolutely not.’ 

The actress has never been pictured with the royal – with the basis of the rumours being that she owned a home in Gloucestershire (where Prince Harry spent a lot of time) from 2001 to 2022. 

In a post on her now-deleted blog The Tig, Meghan Markle confessed that she had had a ‘girl crush’ on the actress since she wore her iconic safety-pin Versace dress in 1994.

Alongside a Q&A interview with Liz, Meghan wrote: ‘I wish I could lie and tell you that my 17-year-old self didn’t try to replicate this look for high school prom, but my, oh my, would the photos prove me wrong. I have always loved everything about Liz Hurley.’

Let’s face it, it’s more likely than not that the mysterious woman Prince Harry spent the night with doesn’t feature on this list at all – and is probably a private citizen who managed to slip under the radar.

Suzannah Harvey

Suzannah Harvey has denied being the ‘older woman’ who took Prince Harry’s virginity in a ‘humiliating’ encounter behind a busy pub. Suzannah Harvey is pictured with Prince Harry at the Beaufort Christmas Ball when he was 17

Suzannah Harvey, 44, is reportedly a keen horsewoman and is now Chief Executive of Cotsworld Airport, and has denied being the ‘older woman’ who took Prince Harry’s virginity in a ‘humiliating’ encounter behind a busy pub.

The former model posted a photo of Ginger Nuts biscuits to her Instagram stories with a caption stating: ‘The only ones I’ve EVER touched…’.

Harry was said to have hit on Ms Harvey – now a 44-year-old successful businesswoman and mother of two, who is engaged to be married – at the Beaufort Hunt Christmas Ball held in a marquee in the grounds of Badminton House in Gloucestershire.

She told the Mail at the time that the then-teenager, who was still a pupil at Eton, had showered her with compliments before leading her outside and across a muddy field.

Miss Harvey, now the chief executive of Cotswold Airport, previously told The Daily Mail that Prince Harry’s memoir was not something she wished to discuss

Miss Harvey posted a photo of Ginger Nuts biscuits to her Instagram stories today with a caption stating: ‘The only ones I’ve EVER touched…’

‘I couldn’t believe it when he made a beeline for me,’ she said at the time. She reportedly told the prince she was six years older than him but he did not mind.

They pair enjoyed several intimate dances before sitting down together to drink champagne when Harry suggested they ‘get some air’. She said he ‘handled her like a grown man’.

‘It was very nice, but as we were kissing I started to get worried that his bodyguards would be looking for him. I didn’t want to get him into trouble,’ Miss Harvey said.

‘He’s a wild child and William was helpless to stop him. Outside he handled me like a grown man.

‘He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into to him. It felt like his hands were going round my whole waist.

‘The kissing was full of passion. My mouth was numb and couldn’t move,’ she said in a 2002 interview.

Emma Tomlinson 

Prince Harry pictured alongside Emma Tomlinson in 2009 at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic awards ceremony in New York

The pair have previously played alongside one another and both have a love of horses

Little is known about Harry’s relationship with polo player Emma Tomlinson – but it is thought they met at Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire.

The pair were often pictured together at the club during and after polo matches.

Nine years his senior, she would have been 26 at the time of the Duke’s supposed field trip, and is now an equine vet as well as continuing her love of horses through the sport. 

Heir it is! The field ‘where Prince Harry lost his virginity’ 

By Richard Simpson for the Mail Online

This is the unassuming field outside the back of a busy country pub where Prince Harry lost his virginity.

Locals at 16th century Rattlebone pub in Sherston in Wiltshire today confirmed to MailOnline that this is indeed the location of the now famous 2001 tryst between Harry and an unnamed older woman, as revealed in his book Spare.

One said: ‘It was known about back then but no one has talked about it in ages, until today of course. It’s definitely the place. The field is out the back. It was more overgrown then, perhaps giving Harry and his partner a little more privacy. ‘Now the grass is quite well manicured and a few fruit trees have been planted.

‘We were thinking of just coming out and confirming it and reaping all the publicity but the official line from us is that we are not confirming anything.

Sherston locals confirmed to the MailOnline today that this is the field Prince Harry referenced in his new biography Spare, which was published in Spain earlier this week

Prince Harry used to frequent the Rattlebone pub in Wiltshire while studying at Eton 

‘We were worried by confirming it, lots of weirdos would start turning up and trying to reenact the act itself which might not be too pleasant for our regulars.’

Earlier this week, it emerged that Harry has recounted losing his virginity to an unnamed older woman at the age of 17 in his explosive autobiography.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, explained how his anonymous first lover treated him like a ‘young stallion’ and detailed how the steamy exchange took place in a field behind a ‘very busy pub’.

In 2001, the royal was still a student at Eton College in Windsor when one of the Royal Family’s bodyguards Marko paid him a visit.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prince Harry says he suspected Marko had heard about the one-night stand – which he described as a ‘humiliating’ experience.

Over lunch in a cafeteria in the city centre, the bodyguard – who had a ‘sombre look’ on his face – told the Prince that he had been sent to ‘find out the truth’.

The father-of-two wrote: ‘I suspected he was referring to my recent loss of virginity, a humiliating episode with an older woman who liked macho horses and who treated me like a young stallion.

‘I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my ass and sent me away. One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us.’

However, the real reason Marko had been sent to check up on Harry was because King Charles’ press office had been informed a newspaper had evidence of him taking drugs -which Harry said was ‘all lies’.

Harry was a regular at the Rattlebone at the time – it being so close to his father King Charles’ Highgrove estate in Tetbury. 

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