Putin says West's 'attempt to have global dominance' coming to an end

Putin says West's 'attempt to have global dominance' coming to an end

Putin says the West’s ‘attempt to have global dominance’ is coming to an end and it is trying to ‘cancel Russia’ with ‘economic blitzkrieg’ of sanctions

Vladimir Putin said today that the West’s ‘attempt to have global dominance’ is coming to an end as he warned it is trying to ‘cancel Russia’ with an ‘economic blitzkreig’ of sanctions. 

The Russian President, speaking in a televised government meeting, said that keeping Russia in check was a long-term policy of the West, and that its economic sanctions against Russia were short-sighted as ‘most countries do not support sanctions on Russia’.  

Putin said the West had effectively declared Russia in default as part of its sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine, and that the conflict had merely been a pretext for the West to impose sanctions.

‘The West doesn’t even bother to hide the fact that its aim is to damage the entire Russian economy, every Russian,’ he said, adding that Western attitudes are like ‘pogroms’.  

He warned the West ‘does not understand Russia’ and claimed the international community is trying to stoke up civil conflict. 

And in words ironically reminiscent of Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky’s wartime speeches, Putin told Russians ‘we are fighting for our sovereignty and the future of our children’.  

It is the latest in a series of propaganda pushed by Moscow in a bid to justify their invasion of Ukraine to Russian citizens – including claims the war is about ‘de-nazifying’ the country and preventing a genocide of minorities waged by Kyiv. 

It comes as new allegations of war crimes were hurled at Putin after video emerged that purported to show at least 10 Ukrainian civilians gunned down while they were queueing for bread outside Chernihiv.

New drone footage appeared to show Russian soldiers executing a lone Ukrainian civilian as he held his hands up to surrender on a highway west of Kyiv last week.

Russian authorities have repeatedly insisted that their forces are only targeting strategic military locations and are not waging war on the civilian population of Ukraine but it comes after two residential apartment blocks in west Kyiv were hit in shelling overnight. 

And as Moscow’s men started pounding the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia hours after around 20,000 refugees arrived through a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol. 

Reports also emerged overnight that Russian forces in Mariupol had rounded up 400 people from houses neighbouring the city’s hospital number two, along with 100 doctors and patients who were already inside, and were refusing to let them leave in a bid to use civilians as human shields. 

Battles also continued to rage in cities like Mariupol, Kharkhiv and Mykolaiv, as well as in suburban towns just outside Kyiv on Wednesday, nearly three weeks after Putin ordered an all out invasion of its western neighbour.    



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