Puppy abandoned with dead sibling and seven dogs dumped from van are among four unsolved cases of sick animal abuse

Puppy abandoned with dead sibling and seven dogs dumped from van are among four unsolved cases of sick animal abuse

FOUR horrific cases of animal abuse including a dying puppy being abandoned with his dead sibling, remain unsolved.

The RSPCA has relaunched urgent appeals to hunt down the sick animal owners responsible for the shocking crimes. 

They also include seven dogs being dumped from the back of a van – and a terrified dog used for breeding being abandoned.

The Sun Online is backing calls to find and punish the twisted individuals. Anyone with information should call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018


CCTV caught the moment a man dumped seven dogs from the back of a van.

He let them out the back of his vehicle and drove off. The CCTV shows the dogs run back towards the van as it drives away, leaving them abandoned in the residential street.


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Some of the dogs were microchipped and have been checked but the chip details had not been registered.

Inspector Vicki Taylor said: “The footage is really shocking.

"To see the poor dogs in such obvious confusion and distress as the van pulls away is heartbreaking. 

“Thankfully, a member of the public spotted what had happened and contacted the police who were able to capture the dogs and bring them to our animal hospital where they are now getting the care they need.

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“The dogs are a mix of different breeds, including spaniels and terriers.

"We suspect they have been used for breeding because of the condition they were in at the time of their rescue.


A tiny dog, thought to be around 12-weeks-old, was abandoned in a cat basket which had been tied up in a black bag and left beside a bin on a footpath near a crematorium in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

A dog walker discovered the sick Shih tzu puppy – which had been dumped with her dead sibling – and rushed her to a nearby vet.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Steve Wickham transferred the puppy, named Gismo, to the charity Greater Manchester Animal Hospital but, despite their best efforts, she sadly died from parvovirus – a highly contagious, life-threatening disease in dogs. 

Steve said: “We issued an appeal for information last month but are still desperate for further information that could lead us to the callous person or people responsible for dumping these pups like rubbish.

“Gismo was terrified and it must have been traumatising to be cramped up in the basket with her dead sibling. They’d been tied up in a plastic bag so it’s a miracle she didn’t suffocate. 

“To leave these sickly puppies like this is horrific; they needed to see a vet and they needed help but, instead, someone has turned their backs on them and left them to die. It’s inexcusable.”


A five-week-old kitten was found by a member of the public in a box in a field, hidden beneath conifers in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in January.

She was soaking wet and had a serious injury to her back leg.

RSPCA animal rescuer Katie Hetherington rushed the kitten – named Hattie – to the vets for urgent treatment. She said: “This poor kitten was found in a box with a severe fracture to her leg which saw her leg almost hanging off.

"She must have been in a lot of pain, scared and confused when she was dumped like rubbish and left in a field. 

“The kitten was clearly in need of urgent veterinary treatment and it is totally unacceptable to abandon an animal, especially in this state.”

Hattie had to have her leg amputated and was taken to RSPCA Doncaster and Rotherham branch to recover and recuperate.

She’s since been rehomed and is settling in well with her new family. But the investigation remains open. 

Katie Hetherington said: "This was a shocking incident which saw a kitten in need of urgent veterinary care being callously abandoned.

"Poor Hattie had suffered a painful fracture which resulted in her leg needing to be amputated but thankfully she has recovered well and is adapting to life on three legs."


Spaniel Elsa was rescued by the RSPCA after being discovered in Burtle, Somerset, in January.

She was scared, dirty, with overgrown nails and a filthy coat.

Her rescuers believe she’d been used for breeding as she had signs of having had a number of litters. 

She was taken in by RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre where she’s coming on well and is slowly starting to trust people again.

Animal Rescue Officer Alison Sparkes said: “It’s shocking to think that someone simply intentionally abandoned her, leaving her all alone in a cage at the side of the road.

“She was dirty and smelly with overgrown nails and a filthy coat when she arrived at the shelter.

"She also has very large teats from probably having multiple litters and we’re concerned she may have been used for breeding before being dumped.

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“Elsa has a microchip, which is registered to her breeder in Worcestershire, but the details had not been updated with the owner’s details.

"Investigations are ongoing to try and find where she has come from, and how she came to be abandoned in such a cruel and heartless way.”

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