Possible hurricane takes aim on Louisiana: Latest path

Possible hurricane takes aim on Louisiana: Latest path

A tropical depression has been forecast to strengthen into Hurricane Ida before targeting Louisiana this weekend.

Ida is set to hit the Cayman Islands and Cuba in the next 36 hours as a tropical storm, delivering up to 20 inches of rain.

By Friday night into Saturday morning, Ida’s expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico and strengthen into a hurricane.

From Saturday morning to Sunday morning, Ida is forecast to grow even stronger, with winds likely approaching those of a Category 3 hurricane, which is considered a major hurricane.

Landfall is forecast for Sunday night, west of New Orleans and east of Lake Charles. Louisiana residents should expect storm surge, flash flooding and rough winds.

PHOTO: An ABC News weather map shows the forecast path for the ninth tropical depression of the hurricane season, which is expected to turn into Hurricane Ida before making landfall in Louisiana on Sunday.

After landfall, Ida likely will move north into Tennessee with flooding rainfall. Areas in Tennessee hit with deadly, catastrophic flooding this weekend could suffer further destruction.

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