Piers Morgan unleashes on Meghan Markle in fiery 60 Minutes interview

Piers Morgan unleashes on Meghan Markle in fiery 60 Minutes interview

Piers Morgan unleashes on Harry and Meghan and the woke brigade ‘marching around like they’re Kim Jong-un with a dash of Vladimir Putin’ in fiery interview on 60 Minutes – and warns ‘cancel culture’ is threatening to destroy society

  • Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle in an interview on Australia’s 60 Minutes 
  • The controversial TV presenter called the Duchess of Sussex a ‘downright liar’ 
  • He warned Australia against bowing to ‘cancel culture’ and the ‘woke brigade’
  • Karl Stefanovic, who has been a critic of Morgan, performed the interview 

Piers Morgan has sounded off on ‘downright liar’ Meghan Markle in an explosive interview with Karl Stefanovic on 60 Minutes, during which he railed against ‘cancel culture’ and the ‘woke brigade’.

The Mail Online editor-at-large doubled down on his criticism of the Sussexes and claimed Markle phoned his bosses at ITV to complain before he famously stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain. 

He also warned against backing down to mobs of ‘woke’ do-gooders who ‘march around like they’re Kim Jong-un with a dash of Vladimir Putin’, saying Australia was at risk of becoming like America and giving in to ‘cancel culture’.  

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Mail Online editor-at-large Piers Morgan (pictured) has launched a fresh attack on cancel culture and the Sussexes in a heated interview on Australian TV

Morgan accused Meghan Markle of being a ‘downright liar’ during her interview with Oprah 

‘We’re all walking around on eggshells, terrified of offending people, terrified of losing our job over a misspoken Tweet or a comment on Facebook, and it’s got to stop,’ Morgan told 60 Minutes.

‘Even in Australia, the woke brigade are snapping at people’s heels trying to put everyone back in their box.

‘It started in America, it has come to Britain. It has come to Australia and it’s a real menace.’

The 56-year-old sensationally left his GMB gig earlier this year, after a live war of words with the show’s weatherman Alex Beresford over Harry and Meghan.

Morgan had faced a severe backlash online after declaring he didn’t believe Markle’s claims during her blockbuster interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

One of the major claims he took aim at was that the Duke and Duchess tied the knot three days before their official ceremony at Windsor Castle in 2018.

One of Piers Morgan’s biggest critics in Australia has been Karl Stefanovic (pictured)

‘I’m sorry to call her that but she tells lies… We’ve proven that,’ Morgan said about Markle 

‘Well, that’s not true. They couldn’t have got married three days before they said they did because that would make the Archbishop of Canterbury a criminal,’ Morgan said.

‘There were a lot of things coming out of Meghan Markle’s mouth that I knew to be untrue.’  

‘I thought there were downright lies coming out of the interview and I saw my job to hold these two people to the same account I would hold a government minister.

‘For doing that, within 36 hours I had to leave the job.’

Unbeknownst to the morning TV host at the time, Markle had personally contacted the station’s top brass to complain about his criticism. 

The bestselling author of ‘Wake Up: Why the World has Gone Nuts’ said nowadays your ‘not allowed to have strong opinions’. 

‘You’re not allowed to disbelieve a liar like Meghan Markle. I’m sorry to call her that but she tells lies… We’ve proven that,’ he said.

Piers Morgan took issue with Markle’s claim she tied the knot with Harry three days before their official ceremony at Windsor Castle in 2018 

Morgan (pictured) also warned that Australia is at risk of becoming like the US if we keep backing down to mobs of ‘woke’ do-gooders

Australian TV veteran Stefanovic has as times been one of Morgan’s fiercest critics in Australia and previously defended the young couple against Morgan’s attacks.

Talking about Morgan’s feud with Meghan, Stefanovic said in 2018: ‘I mean, what is that guy on? He’s lost the plot completely.

‘I don’t know how his poor co-host puts up with it. Imagine putting up with a dude like that who is so up himself and so egotistical that he would assume to say those things about her.’

‘It’s disgusting. You wouldn’t put up with it. He needs to go. He’s off the mark here.’

In Sunday night’s TV confrontation, Stefanovic asked Morgan if he’s just an angry old man’ – triggering laughter from the media veteran.

Morgan hit back by insisting that ‘freedom of speech is actually more important than the Meghan Markle debacle’.   

‘The origin of woke was well-intentioned. It was to have an awareness, to be awake to racial and social injustice. We can all sign up to that,’ he said.

‘But it’s been hijacked, by extremely illiberal people professing to be liberal, who’ve now become the modern day fascists. 

‘These people are marching around like they’re Kim Jong-un with a dash of Vladimir Putin. And to me, that will kill our societies.’

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid are pictured at the 23rd National Television Awards at the O2, in London on Jan 22, 2019

Morgan lays the blame squarely at the feet of social media, labelling it the ‘ultimate form of the kind of tribalism’ which has led to a new ‘culture war’.

‘You sign up to a echo chamber and most people just follow people they agree with who reinforce your opinions about everything,’ he said.

‘So I think we are in a culture war and I’m prepared to fight it as a liberal appealing to fellow liberals who’ve just lost their minds. 

‘Look, think about what you’re doing and stop everybody how to lead their lives.’ 

The controversial TV star said it’s more important now than ever before to ‘stand up for yourself’ and for ‘basic freedoms’.

‘We are allowed to have strong opinions even if it makes some people wince. That’s what made our countries great,’ Morgan said.

‘I’m not giving a license to vile racists – they should absolutely be removed from the either – but come on everybody take a chill pill.’

Morgan and Stefanovic are set to go head to head once again on Channel Nine’s Today Show on Monday morning, local time. 

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