Parents’ letter to cruel adults who compared scarred daughter to Halloween mask

Parents’ letter to cruel adults who compared scarred daughter to Halloween mask

The parents of a girl left scarred after a fire ripped through her cot as a baby have written a heartbreaking letter slamming how adults sometimes treat her.

Liam and Sinead Soffe were devastated when their six-month-old daughter Elizabeth was injured when an air conditioning unit caught fire in 2014.

The blaze ripped through Elizabeth's cot while the family lived in Qatar at the time, leaving her with severe burns to her face and body.

As well as suffering burns, Elizabeth lost her fingers, hair and one ear in the blaze.

Her parents, now living in Birmingham, have revealed a snippet of the heartbreaking torment their family has to face on a daily basis from the public.

In the online post shared on Facebook site, Changing Faces, her proud mum and dad describe their child as "an amazing, strong, funny, determined, happy, intelligent child” whose life changing experience has left her "different" from others

They said that they understood why fellow children were curious as to why Elizabeth looked this why but were ashamed of the behaviour of other adults towards their daughter, reports Dublin Live .

They addressed the letter: "To all those who make our daughter’s life more difficult than it should be."

They begin: "To the parent who tried to remove my daughter from their child's swimming lessons. To the mum who told me that children who look like my daughter would be locked away in her country. To the parents who watched their children refuse to hold my daughter's hand and failed to intervene. To all adults who stare, double take, gawk day in, day out at our precious girl. 

"I do not understand adults acting the way that they do around her.

"Why would an adult say 'at least she won’t have to wear a Halloween mask' or refuse to serve us at a supermarket till because she looked ‘scary’? Why would any adult think this is an acceptable way to behave?"

Liam and Sinead worry about what the future holds for their daughter as she is too young to realise that she's different but that "one day [she] will go out into the world by herself and I will not be able to shield her from the realities of the world and from the people who think that her feelings don't matter".

They added: "I wish I could explain this to the adults who treat her differently – that their children learn their responses from them.

"That if they judge people by how they look then so will their children. These parents don’t attempt to show their children that our daughter is a little girl just like them.

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