Our lives are made hell by club loved by Jesy Nelson and Katie Price – the noise keeps us up & it's going to get worse | The Sun

Our lives are made hell by club loved by Jesy Nelson and Katie Price – the noise keeps us up & it's going to get worse | The Sun

VILLAGERS living near a club loved by Jesy Nelson and Katie Price say their lives are being made hell due to the thumping music which keeps them awake.

The Cave Hotel and Golf Resort in Faversham, Kent, is popular with celebrities like Love Island’s Jack Fincham, and attracts people from far and wide who enjoy the 41-room hotel which features an outside bar and wedding marquee.

Residents of Boughton-Under-Blean, which is half a mile away, aren’t so keen on it and say the place has disturbed the peace and quiet of their rural village.

The owners have not put in a bid for a new licence which would allow them to blast music and serve drinks until 1am.

The locals though have come out in force against the proposal.

John Perfect, 83, a retired scientist who lives in the village, said the noise disturbs the whole community.

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He said: “It affects a great many people in the village.

“I can hear it when I come home late at night or when I’m out in the yard.

“It’s not so bad where I live, but I have friends who live close by and their lives have been blighted by it.

“They have no peace… It’s particularly bad on Fridays and Saturdays.”

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The dad-of-three said the hotel needs to take notice of the complaints made by locals.

He said: “You don’t have to have these events, so loud, so often, with fireworks that disturb so many people and their pets.

“There has to be some restraint on the amount of noise they make.”

John Coughlin, 55, and wife Michelle, 52, have lived in Broughton for seven years said he can hear the music as late as 2am on some nights.

He said: “It’s loud and wakes us up, it has been that way for quite a while now…at least a year.

“It’s the bass that’s the worst, and then you have fireworks and the guests shouting.

“It is annoying, it makes the cats jump. It’s not good for wildlife or animals.”

Michelle said: “Lots of people have been complaining, it’s terrible for the whole village, everyone can hear it.

“It’s every weekend without fail. The fireworks kick off and make you jump out of bed, it’s awful.”

Shane Campbell, 52, a painter and decorator, who has lived in the village for 21 years said the noise has been getting worse.

He said: “It’s been getting worse and worse, more and more, later and later, louder and louder – it’s a joke.

“Even until half past two in the morning.”

Shane added: “It sounds like they are trying to turn it into a nightclub and that’s not fair at all.

“If we can’t hear it, then crack on, but don’t disturb us all, every weekend.

“You can hear them shouting and screaming all night.

“It sounds like my next-door neighbour is blasting music, but it’s the hotel 700 yards away, you can really hear the bass.

“There’s no need for it, their ears must be bleeding, it verges on ridiculous.

Consultant Mark Rose, 55, has lived in Broughton village for ten years, said he is regularly disturbed by noise from The Cave.

He said: “We’ve got pets – a kitten and a puppy – and it disturbs them too.

“The level of noise is not very neighbourly, it’s the lack of consideration that gets me.

“The music and the fireworks shake the house.

“There’s lots of wildlife around, like buzzards and badgers, all of which will be disturbed.

“There are people even closer by who have young kids, and it must be hellish.”

The dad-of-two said: “I’ve heard they want to do an open air cinema…which is ridiculous.

“Even now, It’s more like a theme park than a golf club.”

Katrina Clinch, 45, who has lived in the village with her husband Steven, 45, for 10 years with their 15-year-old daughter said she can hear the DJ announcing tracks to partygoers when the hotel hosts big events.

She lives about half a mile away from the hotel and said: “All you can hear is boom, boom, boom, you can even hear the DJ announcing tracks.

“I will have the TV on in my lounge and I can still hear the music.

George Rogers, 26, a lorry driver who has lived with his girlfriend in a house nearby for 18 months, but is from Whitstable, Kent, said he usually get a note ahead of the firework displays.

He said: “We usually get a note about the fireworks…I’ve probably had three notes in 18 months.

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“They do them for big occasion as on Friday and Saturday nights.

The venue had previously operated exclusively as a golf club, but since the hotel's launch continued to run under the same licensing rules.

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