Oreanna Myers' husband suffered 'truly dark time' after she shot five kids in head and burned bodies in house fire

Oreanna Myers' husband suffered 'truly dark time' after she shot five kids in head and burned bodies in house fire

OREANNA Antoinette Myers' husband suffered a "truly dark time" after she shot his five children in the head and burned their bodies in a house fire.

Following the tragic murder-suicide on December 8, 2020, Myers' husband Brian Bumgarner took to social media to thank friends and family for reaching out during what he described as "a truly dark time."

The couple had three boys together, and the other two children were from Bumgarner’s first marriage.

Myers, 25, fatally shot her three children and two stepchildren at their home near Williamsburg, West Virginia, before setting their house on fire and taking her own life.

One day after the horrific killings unfolded, Bumgarner wrote: "I just wanted to say sorry and thank you for everyone reaching out to me and messaging me.

"I can't get back to all of you but in a truly dark time, I feel like I could fall and all of you guys would catch me.

"I gives me something….. idk what. May it be hope or strength or grit I dont know. All I know is I have something and that's not nothing!!!!"

The five murdered children ranged from as young as age one to seven years old.

Their names were: Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1, Arikyle Nova Myers, 3, Kian Myers, 4, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, and Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7.

All five boys' bodies were found inside the home and Myers' remains were discovered outside.

Bumgarner's most recent Facebook post is a photo of heartwarming words – originally shared by Facebook page titled 'Positive vibes and beautiful things.'

The post reads: "Here's my advice. Hug everyone you love a lot tighter. Never leave someone in an argument. Be Present. Say I love you way too much.

"Take a lot of pictures with the ones you love. You never know when it'll be the last time you see them. Please don't take any second for granted."

Bumgarner wasn't home at the time of the murder-suicide as he stayed with relatives during the week due to transportation issues, according to Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan.

Myers allegedly had a red mark on her face and her son asked if it was blood before she "killed five kids," surveillance video reveals.

Disturbing details of the killings were revealed by investigators on Thursday.

According to police, Myers fatally shot five children before setting their house on fire and taking her own life.

Investigators revealed the disturbing details of the West Virginia shootings on January 21.

Sheriff Sloan opened up about the case's details during a Thursday press conference in Fairlea, West Virginia.

Sloan said chilling video footage was obtained from a school bus that had dropped off two children at a stop on the day of their deaths, Metro News reports.

According to Sloan, Myers didn't bring her two youngest children to the but stop on the afternoon of December 8 – something she normally does.

In the footage, Myers was wearing a coat with a hood and had a red line drawn across her face, according to Sloan.

Sloan explained one boy is seen asking Myers: "What is the blood on your face?"

Myers responded: "I drew on myself" – prompting the young boy, her four-year-old son Kian, to say: "You drew on yourself?"

Not long after, the house was set on fire – and Myers' body was later found, with the red line still on her face.

Sloan recalled Myers was wearing the same coat in the video, adding: "You could still see the red mark drawn across the bridge of her nose underneath her eyes."

As the investigation into Myers' case has ended, Sloan explained: "Obviously we can’t determine why Oreanna Myers chose to end the lives of five children and then take her own life.

"However, through all the facts and evidence obtained during this investigation and all the information that’s been acquired that we concluded did occur on Dec. 8, 2020 at 611 Flynns Creek Road."

According to Sheriff Sloan, Myers left several notes including a confession, in a plastic bag.

“I had shot all boys in the head," one letter written by Myers read, according to the sheriff.

"I had set house on fire. I had shot myself in the head. I’m sorry mental health is serious. I hope one day someone will help others like me. Mental health is not to joke about or to take lightly. When someone begs, pleads, cries out for help, please help them. You just might save a life or more lives. Thank you, O.A.M.”

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