Off-duty cops busted after epic Michigan bar brawl caught on video

Off-duty cops busted after epic Michigan bar brawl caught on video

Two off-duty cops in Michigan were arrested after an epic bar brawl that lasted nearly 10 minutes, video shows.

The Bath Township police officers — who were in Grand Rapids for a training exercise — were asked to leave The Web Bar after getting loud with customers while being clearly drunk, co-owner Andrew Owen told

One of the officers — they were identified by the Lansing State Journal as Bryan Miller, 34, and Payton Warner, 25 — then started shoving and throwing punches at Owen as he was being led out.

Other patrons in the bar got involved in the ensuing melee, which spilled outside via a back door. Two men, including one believed to be Miller, are seen staggering as they prepare to trade blows, video shows.

Several people outside throw punches and then a bargoer is slammed to the ground — leading Miller, for whatever reason, to storm back to the scrum, the footage shows.

At one point, at least 10 people were involved in the brawl, which lasted almost 10 minutes, according to

“It was a madhouse,” Owen told the website. “There was just all these people here that were, like, they knew that they needed to go.”

Owen was shocked to later find out that two of the brawlers were actually off-duty cops who had visited the bar earlier that evening without incident.

“It’s just ridiculous, for them to be a trained person supposedly, for them to get to that state,” Owen continued. “They should know better than to start that kind of thing.”

Miller and Warner were placed on administrative leave after the altercation, police officials said.

“This entire incident shines a negative light on not only our department but our community,” the Bath Township Police Department said in a statement.

Miller has been charged with creating a disturbance in a public place, while no charges had been filed against Warner as of early Thursday. Both officers have been released from custody, according to the Lansing State Journal.

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