Nicola Bulley police are handed 'stained' glove by TikTok sleuths

Nicola Bulley police are handed 'stained' glove by TikTok sleuths

Police are handed ‘stained’ glove by TikTok sleuths who found it near where Nicola Bulley disappeared as they prepare told a press conference at 11.30am today

  • Mother-of-two Nicola Bulley, 45, has been missing now for 19 days from home
  • Police are preparing to give an update on the search this morning to public 

A ‘stained’ glove was handed to police looking for missing Nicola Bulley by TikTok sleuths ahead of a press conference updating the search for the mother-of-two.

The pale blue garment was found on February 7 in the field near the River Wyre where Ms Bulley was walking her dog Willow.

Ring doorbell footage released by Lancashire Police of the day the mortgage adviser vanished on January 27 showed she was not wearing gloves at that time.

Today is the 19th day of the search for Ms Bulley, who disappeared just after 9.20am at the St Michael’s on the Wyre beauty spot.

Her two children and long-term partner Paul Ansell have been left tormented over the lack of answers over where she might be.

Mother-of-two Nicola Bulley, 45, has been missing now for 19 days from home in Inskip

Mounted police in Knott End-on-Sea are pictured on Monday as they take part in the search for missing Nicola Bulley

The police have consistently said they believe she has fallen in the river, despite pressure from relatives and friends suggesting she could have been taken.

Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson along with Senior Investigating Officer Detective Supt Rebecca Smith will take a press conference today. 

It is expected to update the public on the search for Nicola after days of radio silence from the force. They declined to comment to MailOnline about the glove this morning.

TikTok sleuths who descended on the scene had previously frustrated officers, who at one point issued a 48 hour dispersal notice to clear the area. 

Mr Ansell, has urged investigators to widen their search for his partner and pleaded for answers to key questions in the case.

Nicola Bulley and her partner Paul Ansell were planning on getting married in the near future


It comes as it was claimed last night police waited two weeks to ask local fishermen whether they had seen anything unusual on the morning of her disappearance. 

Two people are arrested for sending local councillors ‘malicious’ messages about Nicola Bulley search 

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications over the disappearance of Nicola Bulley.

Lancashire Police said it received reports over the weekend of messages being sent to Wyre Council members.

A 49-year-old man from Manchester and a 20-year-old woman from Oldham have been arrested on suspicion of malicious communications offences.

A 49-year-old man, of Manchester, and 20-year-old Oldham woman were arrested on Tuesday for messages sent to Wyre Council (pictured) members over the weekend, Lancashire Police have confirmed

The man has been bailed pending further inquiries until May 12 while the woman remains in custody.

On Monday, Wyre Council removed councillors’ contact details from its website due to ‘inappropriate emails and phone calls’ about Ms Bulley’s disappearance.

It said it had temporarily removed contact details for ‘parish and town council members’ after Lancashire Police confirmed its investigation.

He is also said to have been ‘appalled’ after police failed to respond to his request to hold a joint press conference last week.

Mr Ansell told forensic expert Peter Faulding, who is supporting the family, of his frustrations. Mr Faulding told the Mail: ‘He’s got a relationship with the police family liaison officers, but I think he’s struggling to get answers that he wants.

‘He’s got a line of communication with them, but I think there’s a problem.

‘He vented his frustrations to the family liaison officers last week in front of me when I was there. He said ‘Why can’t you go and search buildings in the village?’ ‘They said they can’t because they need a search warrant. He said ‘Well, you could just ask them.’ People would happily let them in, the whole village is behind him.

‘There’s a feeling that there’s just a lack of imagination and willpower. I don’t want to be critical of police, but I’m just giving his thoughts really.’

Police have not held a press conference for seven days and last issued a statement on the case on February 10. 

But in fresh concerns over the investigation’s early days, local fishermen say they were only contacted by police about whether they saw anything on the morning of Ms Bulley’s disappearance yesterday, more than two weeks after she vanished, The Times reports. 

It comes after experienced detectives previously raised concerns about the area where her phone and dog harness were found not being cordoned off at the beginning of the investigation. 

But Mr Ansell is concerned that the force’s communications strategy may see the search for Ms Bulley lose momentum.

Mr Faulding explained on Tuesday: ‘Paul has said it is the media that is keeping this alive. The media is doing a good job at keeping this in the public domain.’

He also revealed that Mr Ansell was left ‘appalled’ after police ignored his requests to compile a joint statement.

‘He suggested that to them and he never even heard back. He wanted someone senior in front of the cameras at the scene, but it never happened.

‘He was absolutely appalled when we never heard back.’

Charlotte Drake, the next-door neighbour and friend of Nicola Bulley, ties a yellow ribbon with a message of hope written on it, to a bridge over the River Wyre on Tuesday

A yellow ribbon with a message of hope written on it tied to a bridge over the River Wyre in St Michael’s on Wyre on Tuesday

He said: ‘Paul is just lost, really. He’s got no partner, the kids are missing their mum… He’s in pieces. Absolutely in pieces.

‘He just wants to know where Nicola is.’

Police were seen trawling the river again this week and Ms Bulley’s sister Louise Cunningham visited the bench where it is feared Nicola fell in the river. 

The force is also understood to have contacted anglers on Monday to ask who was allowed to fish on the river on the day of the disappearance.

It raises questions over why they are only looking for witnesses now.

Mr Ansell is concerned that the communications strategy may see the search for Ms Bulley (pictured) lose momentum 

Police outside Wyreside Farm Park Caravan site on Monday which is near the area where Ms Bulley vanished

Police officers patrol a footpath in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, on Sunday as they continue their search for missing woman Nicola Bulley

A local fisherman said: ‘The police were abrupt. They were asking about day ticket sales, what stretches of water the local angling club owns, what stretches of water they lease, how many members were fishing that day.

‘It sounds like they are trying to work out if anyone was fishing on the river that day and saw something, but nobody was.’ He said police had contacted fishermen on the first day of the disappearance, but only to ask how deep the water was where she went missing,

The angler stressed that no fishermen were there on January 27, the day Ms Bulley went missing, adding: ‘The only people that were on the river that day were dog walkers. I can guarantee you that. ‘

The man, who has been fishing the river for decades, said if Ms Bulley did fall in the water anyone walking along the bank would not have seen her.

He insisted: ‘I hope she hasn’t gone in the river for the sake of the kids, but if she did she would have been dragged under.

‘If a body goes in, it’s going to sink. She had two big coats on, wellies, jeans. A body would stay down and get taken out by undercurrents.’

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