New York City to face ‘oppressive’ heat over next two days

New York City to face ‘oppressive’ heat over next two days

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The Big Apple will roast in “oppressive” heat for the next two days — with unrelenting humidity that makes the temperatures feel like the triple digits, forecasters said Thursday.

Temperatures on Thursday and Friday are expected to reach the mid-90s, but the humidity could make it feel as high as 106 with an excessive heat warning in effect, Accuweather meteorologist Todd Kines told The Post.

“It’s sticky, miserable, oppressive, nasty — you name it,” Kines said.

Thunderstorms will arrive later in the afternoon or evening on both days, but the “miserable” weather isn’t going anywhere once they pass, Kines said.

“When you get the storms, it certainly knocks the temperature down, but once thunderstorms are done with, it just feels so humid out there,” Kines said.

For New Yorkers who brave the outdoors, the heat may feel like a “shock to the system,” Kines said.

“It’s like walking into a blast furnace,” Kines said.

An excessive heat warning is in effect for the five boroughs through Thursday evening, followed by a heat watch for Friday that warns of “dangerously hot conditions,” the National Weather Service said.

Relatively cooler weather will arrive by the weekend, with temperatures on Saturday and Sunday in the mid-80s, Kines said.

“There is going to be a cold front getting closer to us, but more in the [form] of cloudiness, that’s probably going to trim the temperature,” Kines said.

But until the heat dials down, Kines urged New Yorkers to plug in their air conditioners.

“You’ve got to keep your body hydrated, keep it easy,” Kines said. “If you can stay inside during the afternoon hours, that’s great. You definitely don’t want to be outdoors in that heat.”

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