New US Ambassador To UN Is Anti-Muslim, Per ‘Huffington Post’ [Opinion]

New US Ambassador To UN Is Anti-Muslim, Per ‘Huffington Post’ [Opinion]

Donald Trump announced in a Friday tweet that Heather Nauert will replace Nikki Haley as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Haley resigned from the position after less than a year in the role.

Heather Nauert does not have foreign policy experience. She is a former Fox News host, and according to the Huffington Post, she has a history of anti-Muslim rhetoric.

As recently as 2016, Nauert used her Twitter account to share links from a site run by anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer. He was actually banned in the U.K. for his racist and Islamophobic rhetoric.

In 2009, while part of Fox News, Nauert reportedly hosted an hour dedicated to “stealth jihad.” She invited Spencer and another anti-Muslim activist, Frank Gaffney, to participate in the broadcast. Gaffney has been deemed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “America’s most notorious Islamophobe.” They say that his organization is a hate group.

In 2013, Nauert reportedly said that “sharia law is now changing everything” because a YMCA in Minnesota decided to provide a private swim class for Muslim girls in order to accommodate their clothing requirements.

If Nauert is confirmed to the position by the Senate as expected, she will be working with many Muslim dignitaries around the world. And she won’t even be the only allegedly anti-Muslim person with a high-level position in the Trump Administration. Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, purportedly has a previous association with hate groups and has been known to make Islamophobic comments. National Security Adviser John Bolton is also believed to have ties to anti-Muslim groups.

USA Today reported that Nauert’s resume is “thin,” due to her lack of experience relevant to the post she is expected to assume. Nauert has been a spokesperson for the State Department since April 2017, which is about the limit of her foreign policy experience.

Based on the aforementioned sources, Nauert would be one of the most inexperienced people to hold the position in American history. That might not be a great idea when America’s foreign relations are in a constant state of turmoil, thanks to tariffs and trade wars instigated by Donald Trump. He has frequently insulted other world leaders, made threats to other countries, and inspired anger from people around the world with his “America first” platform.

Madeleine Albright and George H.W. Bush are among those who have previously held the position as U.S. ambassador to the UN.

“This is the most egregious example of Trump filling critical national security jobs by using a superficial casting criteria more appropriate for reality shows than the dangerous realities of today’s world,” said Brett Bruen, who had served as the director of global engagement under President Barack Obama.

Nauert’s education and background are in journalism, given her previous stint on Fox News.

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