New sheriffs-in-town Boris Johnson and Priti Patel are tough on crime and Brits don’t mind – The Sun

New sheriffs-in-town Boris Johnson and Priti Patel are tough on crime and Brits don’t mind – The Sun

Tough justice

THE Tories are getting tough on crime, and not before time. Our streets increasingly feel like the Wild West.

Criminals need to know there’s a new sheriff in town — and between them, PM Boris and Home Secretary Priti Patel are certainly laying down the law.

Boris’s announcements — more cops, more prison places, harsher sentences and proper stop and search — have provoked the usual squeals from left-wingers looking for something, anything, to batter the new PM with.

But it’s about time we started giving police the confidence, the resources and the powers to hold the Thin Blue Line.

It is true that too many of our prisons seem to have become factories that simply make hardened criminals worse. It is also true that some young offenders don’t belong behind bars and would benefit instead from genuinely tough community sentences.

So as well as ensuring our streets are safe, the Government must get to the bottom of the prison problem.

It is possible to do both. And the winners will be not just ordinary hard-working families, but the communities most affected by crime.

The latest criticism is that these announcements are just electioneering. Maybe so. But if this tough approach breeds results, we don’t mind.

And nor will common-sense Brits.

Video nasties

FINALLY, concrete action to force social media firms to monitor their violence-ridden platforms.

It’s about time the regulator was given greater powers to tackle the Silicon Valley giants who profit from hosting abusive and clearly harmful videos.

With every fresh outrage, they’ve pledged to “do better”. They’ve sat in front of parliamentary committees looking terribly apologetic, their PR advisers sat nearby to ensure their bosses give just the right answers to keep the pressure off for a bit.

And what has changed? The square root of very little.

Once Ofcom is given the power to fine, it shouldn’t be shy of using it.

The tech giants have had their chance. They’ve blown it.

Caroline No

CAROLINE Lucas’s crackpot idea for an all-female “Government of National Unity” is, even by Westminster standards, properly bonkers.

The Green MP — the only one in Parliament — has bravely offered to become Prime Minister in order to stop Brexit.

The women she approached — all white, all Remainers — seem equally baffled by the idea. Only the BBC’s Today programme took it seriously, but that’s no surprise.

And they call the Brexiteers mad.

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