New doc reveals latest claims against disgraced actor Armie Hammer

New doc reveals latest claims against disgraced actor Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer was obsessed with BDSM, forced 10 a.m. lap dance on ‘uncomfortable’ male assistant and ‘drove drunk at 140 mph through residential area,’ wild new documentary claims

  • The new ‘House of Hammer’ docuseries explores the allegations of sexual assault and ‘cannibalism’ fetish that felled actor Armie Hammer’s career
  • Multiple women said Hammer hurt them through his obsession with BDSM and recalled disturbing instances where he wanted to cook their ribs
  • A former assistant also claimed Hammer forced him to get a lap dance at a strip club and drove drunk through a residential area at 140 mph
  • The three-part documentary also explores the history of violence and corruption surrounding the Hammer family 
  • Armand Hammer, the actor’s great-grandfather who was called ‘the most satanic man’ of the second half of the 20th century, left his fortune to Hammer’s father 

A three-part documentary about Armie Hammer and his family claimed the disgraced actor was obsessed with BDSM, forced a lap dance on a male assistant and drove drunk at 140mph through a residential area. 

The new ‘House of Hammer’ docuseries, produced by Discovery+ and Hammer’s aunt Casey, concluded on Friday as it expands on the alleged dark history of the Hammer clan. 

The documentary reiterates claims from Hammer’s former girlfriends, who said the actor abused them through BDSM sex, with one woman known only as Effie claiming he raped her during their four-year affair. 

An anonymous source who worked as an assistant to the actor also claimed Hammer forced him into a strip club at 10 a.m. to get him a lap dance, which the employee was uncomfortable doing. 

‘I was very against it, I didn’t want to do it. He made me believe that I had no choice. I could’ve walked away, but I was scared of the stature of it all.’ 

The man also recalled one instance when Hammer drove through a residential area at 140 mph while ‘inebriated.’ 

‘It would scare me like crazy,’ he said. 

The documentary also dives into the alleged corrupt and ruthless nature of family patriarch Armand Hammer, whose former media consultant dubbed him ‘the most satanic man’ of the second half of the 20th century.  

The documentary is the latest chapter in the unravelling of the former Hollywood A-lister whose career was felled in 2021 by sexual assault allegations and an ensuing investigation from the Los Angeles Police Department that led him to spending months in the Cayman Islands as a timeshare salesman. 

The new ‘House of Hammer’ docuseries explores the allegations of sexual assault and ‘cannibalism’ fetish that felled actor Armie Hammer’s career

A former assistant also claimed Hammer forced him to get a lap dance at a strip club and drove drunk through a residential area at 140 mph. Pictured: Armie Hammer was spotted in Los Angeles in July after he was seen selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands

The documentary features the generational sins of the Hammer clan as recounted by the disgraced actor’s aunt, Casey (pictured) who came forward with her stories following the claims against her nephew

The first episode of the series, titled ‘Love Bomb,’ focuses on Hammer’s tumultuous love life and apparent obsession with BDSM, as it opens with an Instagram voice message from the actor regarding a wager to an unknown recipient. 

‘This is going to be the bet: If I won, I get to come over to your house with my bag of goodies. Inside my bag of goodies, there are several different bundles of Shibari rope; Shibari is the Japanese art of rope bondage,’ Hammer says in the recording. 

‘My bet was going to involve showing up at your place and completely tying you up and incapacitating you, then being able to do whatever I wanted to every single hole in your body until I was done with you.’ 

In the episode, Courtney Vucekovich, of Dallas, recounts her relationship with Hammer, saying it felt like a ‘fairy tale’ before things took a dark turn. 

She said that while she indulged the actor in his BDSM fantasies, Hammer took things too far during a three-week vacation they took near Palm Springs. 

‘It was something that has never been done to me,’ Vucekovich said, refusing to elaborate. ‘It’s very degrading and very belittling. I don’t like to put it out there.’ 

On another road trip, she claims she suffered bruises and injuries from being tied up by Hammer. 

‘He puts on this creepy playlist and just, like, the ropes were around [my] neck, wrists, ankles and behind [my] back. I had bruises. I hated it,’ she said. ‘I understand that if this is your fantasy, if this is your thing, more power to you. I didn’t like it.’ 

In the documentary, accusers Courtney Vucekovich (left) and Julia Morrison (right) describe their allegedly violent relationships with Hammer in harrowing detail. They shared stories about his alleged BDSM and cannibalism fetish

Accuser Courtney Vucekovich appears in the documentary. She said her relationship with Hammer started out idyllic but went suddenly south as she claims she suffered injuries and bruises from BDSM sex with the actor 

Also appearing in the episode was Julia Morrison, a model and actress, who said Hammer contacted her on Instagram after she posted a photoshoot picture of her being choked. 

‘I’ve wanted to tie you up since I saw those goddamn pictures and messaged you about it,’ Hammer allegedly wrote. 

Morrison also shared another message, where Hammer allegedly shared another disturbing fantasy about her. 

‘I haven’t really digested this one,’ Morrison says flipping through her phone and reading aloud a text from Hammer, ‘I have a fantasy of having someone prove their love and devotion and tying them up in a public place at night making their body free use. And seeing if they will f*** strangers for me.’ 

Vucekovich and Morrison also share text messages they say Hammer sent, describing more violent sexual fantasies he wanted them to play out – including the infamous ‘I’m 100% a cannibal’ text. 

Hammer also allegedly told the  he wanted to remove their ribs, barbecue them and eat them. 

Paige Lorenze, who was in a relationship with Hammer, also accused him of slicing the letter ‘A’ into one her thigh before sucking the blood out of her fresh wound.

‘He’s obsessed with meat,’ she said. ‘I brushed it off but I do believe that he was serious.’ 

Hammer has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and claims that all his previous relationships were consensual. 

A pair of texts Armie Hammer allegedly sent to Courtney Vucekovich were revealed in the documentary that disturbed the ex-girlfriend 

A series of texts Hammer sent to one of his accusers. It was anonymously shared in 2021 when he was first accused. It is unclear who he sent it to

Armie Hammer working as a timeshare salesman while he was living in the Cayman Islands earlier this year

A brochure featuring Hammer as a concierge at the Morritt’s resort in Grand Cayman. Hammer has said the brochure is fake

The second and third episode go further into details about Casey Hammer’s claims against her family, who she said perpetuated a history of violence that ultimately affected her nephew. 

Casey, the sister of Hammer’s father who became estranged after she was mostly ignored by in her grandfather’s multi-million-dollar will in 1990 – reported to be worth about $800million – said violence runs in the family.

‘On the outside we were a perfect family. But magnify Succession a million times, and it as my family,’ she said, ‘If you believe about making deals with the devil, the Hammers are top of the totem pole.

‘Every generation in my family has been involved in dark misdeeds, and it just gets worse and worse and worse.’ 

Hammer’s great-grandfather and namesake, Armand Hammer, made millions in the oil industry but left his family deeply divided in his 1990 will, which favored some and slighted others.

Hammer’s father, Michael, was inherited the bulk of the fortune, while Casey and her father received $250,000 and $500,000 respectively.  

Violence and scandal has plagued the family throughout its stories history, with Armand  being convicted of manslaughter in 1920 over a botched abortion he tried to administer, and Hamer’s grandfather, Julian, killing a man in 1955 over a gambling debt. He dodged those charges by claiming self-defense.

Armie Hammer as a child being held by his great grandfather Armand Hammer. His father, Michael Hammer, crouches to the right 

Pictured: Armie Hammer with his father Michael Hammer, who received the bulk of his grandfather’s $40 million inheritance while his father and sister were snubbed 

Casey also claimed Julian got into a fight with Michael after he allegedly offered his son $1 million for his his girlfriend. 

‘My brother, it was like a monster unleashed,’ she said, recalling the fight. ‘They both said, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ and they ran outside. 

‘When I finally circled the building, I saw police had separated them.’ 

She said Julian came out the winner in that conflict as Michael’s girlfriend left to live with his father for eight months. 

Also taking shots at the family was Neil Lyndon, Armand Hammer’s former political and media consultant, who claims the family patriarch tried to cozy up to Prince Charles to restore his public image after being convicted of hiding contributions to President Nixon’s re-election campaign. 

Lyndon said Armand donated 40 million pounds to charitable causes that the royal was keen on promoting. 

Armand Hammer’s former media consultant and the reported who profiled him described him as a ruthless and corrupt men

Describing his former boss, Lyndon described Armand as  ‘the most satanic man’ of the second half of the 20th century. 

‘Armand Hammer was the embodiment of sin,’ Lyndon said. 

Edward Epstein, an investigative journalist who once profiled Armand Hammer, also chimed in on the alleged ruthless and corrupt nature of the family patriarch.  

‘Hammer was a master at bribery,’ he said. ‘Armand Hammer would go to a powerful person. He would offer them money and illegal cash bribes. 

He would deliver the money and Julian would record the entire crime being committed so he could later blackmail the person. …Hammer had no shame. He ignored all laws.

‘The extraordinary thing about the Hammer family is the consistency of vice over virtue,’ he added. 

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