Nancy Pelosi slams ‘punk’ who wore ‘Camp Auschwitz’ hoodie at Capitol riot

Nancy Pelosi slams ‘punk’ who wore ‘Camp Auschwitz’ hoodie at Capitol riot

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday slammed the “punk” who wore a “Camp Auschwitz” hoodie during last week’s Capitol riot.

Robert Keith Packer, 56, was booked by the US Marshals Service in Norfolk, Va., on Wednesday — one week after the deadly rampage by supporters of President Trump.

“To see this punk, with that shirt on and his anti-Semitism that he has bragged about, to be part of a white supremacist raid on this Capitol requires us to have an after-action review to assign responsibility to those who were part of organizing it and incentivizing it,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said at a press conference.

“There were so many disgusting images but one figure of a man in a shirt with Auschwitz on it — Auschwitz: work equals freedom — Auschwitz,” she said.

Pelosi said leading a congressional delegation last year to both Auschwitz, the World War II Nazi death camp in occupied Poland, and to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Israel was “probably one of the most transformative national security visits that we have made.”

“To see the dehumanizing of people that was perpetrated there was so, so overwhelming,” Pelosi said.

The rioter alleged to be Packer was photographed inside the Capitol standing near a fellow intruder who held a wooden placard for the House of Representatives.

Etsy removed “Camp Auschwitz” merchandise in response to the riot.

More than 1 million mostly Jewish prisoners are believed to have died at Auschwitz during the war.

Four Trump supporters and one police officer died during the Capitol riot, which interrupted certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. House Democrats and 10 Republicans voted this week to impeach Trump for allegedly inciting the mob.

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