Mystery as woman missing for TWO YEARS found alive floating at sea by baffled fisherman

Mystery as woman missing for TWO YEARS found alive floating at sea by baffled fisherman

A WOMAN who was missing for two years has been found floating alive in the sea by a baffled fisherman.

Angelica Gaitan, 46, was found in a very weakened state suffering from hypothermia by Rolando Visbal off the coast of Colombia.

The woman lost contact with her family two years ago and they had no idea where she was.

Angelica was found floating 1.2 miles off a beach from the town and municipality of Puerto Colombia, on the Atlantic coast of the country, on Saturday.

According to reports the woman was floating in the water for about eight hours and was taken to a hospital where she arrived in a state of shock.

What she had been doing in the previous two years and how she ended up in the sea is currently being investigated by police.

An initial report she had thrown herself into the sea to escape physical and psychological abuse that she received from her partner for 20 years was dismissed by her family.

Another report claims she had suffered bullying by people at a shelter in Barranquilla, where she was living for the last seven months.

Video shows the moment Visbal and a friend simply identified as ‘Gustavo’ approach the floating woman, who is almost completely unresponsive.

Visbal is heard yelling at her in Spanish then switching to English, apparently trying to make sure the victim understood him.

She is dragged towards the boat with a rope tied to lifebuoy, which the fishermen had thrown towards her.

Visbal is then seen struggling to lift the woman into the boat who remains unresponsive but moves her torso just enough to help get her body over the edge and safely onto the boat.

The fishermen then try to have a conversation with her and give her water but Angelica begins to cry as the video comes to an end.

Local media tracked down the woman's daughter Alejandra Castiblanco who said she had not known about her mum’s whereabouts for the past two years.

Castiblanco and her sister are currently raising money to transport their mum to the capital Bogota where they live and hope their mum will be “taken care of by family”.

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